Zoxna Mini Launcher by SKW Airsoft - Black

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    So, room clearance. What do you do? You've decided to take a pistol to a knife fight but there's multiple bogies in the room. Break out the Mini Launcher!

    This is that small you CAN fit it under a pistol!!! No, seriously!!!!

    It's a 40rd shower launcher powered by green gas and weighing a measly 93g. What more do you want :D



    • We note that these do not fit all pistols out the packet, e.g. 

      • The Cybergun branded KWC Rail Guns as the launcher hits the underside of the barrel. You can get it to fit by filing the top of the launcher down using a bevelled file but this will invalidate your warranty.

      • The CZ 75 Shadow and some other metal bodies pistols require that you file down the inner edges of the launcher as they bind on the body. Once done, they slide on and off fine.

    • To rest the launcher requires a considerable amount of force. You must push the plunger back in until it clicks and resets fluch with the main body.