World Exclusive GSR Gas Mask Replica

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Yet another World Exclusive from AirsoftWorld. The first shipment sold out in 10 days! This replica GSR mask is fitted with mesh as standard but also includes a clear visor lens which is easily replaced via six Allen screws. Don't worry about your visor fogging up either... the filters are actually battery powered fans that blow air out through the vents to remove moisture and fogging. The mock filter/fans are self contained quick-release units, so you can remove them in about 1 second. You also get a flush plate to replace the filter can on your prone 'aiming' side to avoid obstruction when trying to look down the sights or scope. Totally genius! Tip: By turning one or both of the fans upside down within the mock filter, you can get the fans blowing in or out for the ultimate in ventilation!

PLEASE NOTE: To adjust the straps, please remove the mask, hold the black plastic adjustment tabs and pull the webbing through before trying the mask back on. If you simply pull on the straps, you will tear the rubber mounts off and we will not cover the damage caused under warranty.

The features include: - Solid flexi-ABS Construction. - High Quality Rubber Molding. - 1:1 Scale. - Removable Battery Powered Fan Filters.* - Changeable Mesh or Clear Ballistic Lens. - Adjustable Straps. The materials and build of this GSR replica is so good that you would be excused for thinking that we have adapted real ones for airsoft use. We're completely serious! Each filter can has it's own battery operated fan. You need to remove the three screws on each filter unit, pull the sprung tab back and twist the base to the side to fit the 2x AA batteries. This will help relieve most of the fogging from your mask, or if you wear glasses at the same time as well as circulate the air so you can breath a bit better. Saying that, the ventilation on this mask is superb and better than most other airsoft masks on the market. Perfect for reenactment, skirmishing or doing that zombie apocalypse load-out you've always wanted to do! *Each filter is powered by 2xAA batteries. Not included. Please use decent batteries and don't leave them in the mask when stored away for a long period as the batteries may leak.
Weight (Kg) 1.0000
Manufacturer iSoft
World Exclusive GSR Gas Mask Replica
Wont last for ever
Review by
I have had this mask for nearly 2 years now. Its not part of my regular load out so only gets used 6 days of the year, I am already starting to see splits in the rubber tabs where the straps connector and they are all starting to perish.
I use the mesh instead of the clear, mainly due to breaking the clear and cant find a replacement. The mesh is good and the fan system still works but helps to keep you cool and whip away the sweat from around your face. I rotated one of the fans so it was blowing into the mask instead of sucking, as recommended by, and its great having the cool breeze.
I think my head is slightly to big for the mask, to get my chin and the top of the bridge of my nose in to the mask it puts alot of pressure on my nose. This means my chin hangs out the bottom a bit. For those who are concerned the distance between my chin, and top of my nose is 5".
To get the mask to sit on my face tightly and not have to faf with putting the straps back on the tabs after they fall off, I push the mask on tight, and go around the mask pulling on each strap a little at a time until it is secure. I am finding this is getting harder to maintain a good seal on the face, as im starting to get worried about snapping of the tabs.

Great looking mask, as alot of the over comments, needs a little more development, and maybe a slightly larger size.
World Exclusive GSR Gas Mask Replica
Great product
Review by
Looks amazing the clear pane was easy to install and the fans and really quiet.

Haven't had a chance to skirmish in it yet but visually it looks the piece, lets just hope it delivers in performance.

After reading other peoples reviews about the visor cracking I am suprised that replacement panes are not available for purchase.
World Exclusive GSR Gas Mask Replica
Good mask, though with a few issues.
Review by
I brought this mask for the intention of a post apocalyptic style setup, and for that purpose, or for a special forces/CBRN kit its quite simply amazing.

Despite the single size the mask comes in, its pretty easy to adjust the fit of to get it to sit comfortably and once the straps are tightened, its not going anywhere despite how much running around you're likely to do on your average skirmish day.

The fans are pretty quiet and even with just the one fitted as I have it so I can still use any sight system on my rifles (you may find you have to adjust where you have them placed, or get a higher sitting mount for a scope as even with the flush plate in place, its pretty difficult to get good eye relief with your head right on the stock) it clears fogging really quickly, and makes it easier to breathe with all that rubber around your face.

Straight out of the box, it comes with the mesh panel installed, not a problem if you prefer to go with mesh anyway, but I went to install the clear pane instead. I found that the alan key provided only worked with some of the screws and I needed to get a slightly larger one to finish the job, but once they were out, the panel fit fine for me in the mask.

The fans are pretty fiddly to take apart to get the batteries installed, and while the space for them is a little smaller than it really needs to be, everything did fit back together fine and the fan works well as well as being really lightweight so its fine to run around with and carry the other as a spare for when the batteries die in the first.

However, when I took it to my local skirmish field to have it tested out, the clear pane appeared to crack from two close range shots that were grouped together. Not even high powered ones since they were delivered from a pistol, you can imagine what a full 500 fps sniper shot may do. This may have just have been a flaw with the panel in my mask, but I'll be switching it back to the mesh before I take it out on the field.

So the look and feel of it is great, its pretty good value for money, but a few faults just bring it down from how awesome it could be. Still at the end of the day, its a cool piece of kit to have hanging from your plate carrier and perfect for those loadouts where you're set for the end of the world.
World Exclusive GSR Gas Mask Replica
Great product but needs Improvement
Review by
I bought this mask because it will go well with my ZERT (Zombie eradication response team) loadout.
When i first got it the initial impressions was wow! But when i started to to look deeper into the mask i started to see some small flaws.

Firstly when you open the box you will find the mask with the Mesh visor on it. Obviously i don't like it with the mesh so i set out to take mine off and put on the plastic one.
The visor comes with few allen key holes that holds the visor in place. When i went on about installing the visor i found there are a some week spots that don't hold the visor completely in place, meaning there's a fraction of a gap from the body of the mask and visor. This is not really a great issue but it could later that down the line become one. Time will tell

Secondly, when unwrapping the gas canisters aka the fans. There is a no instruction on where the batteries go. So what any man would do, take the thing apart by loosening the few screws that are on it. After that you will take the cover off. There you will see the fan but you still will have to carefully pull down on the spring latch, which will give you access to the battery compartment. The fans each take 2x AA batteries which don't fit all the time soo some wriggle will be needed.
Once that is done you can turn the fan on with a small button on the back of the canister. There is no slow or fast option but just one constant speed. The fans are very quiet so you don't have worry about noise.

Thirdly; when you got the fans sorted and the visor you want to test it out? well when it came to the straps, I found that the head strap connections (the rubber ends that attach to the mask) and feed them in from the outside in rather than inside out (if that makes sense) kept unclipping from the mask.. So if you pull on the strap hard it will come off and you will have the strap loose from the body of the mask.
I think this could of been sorted by making the connecting part from the mask a loop and have the plastic clip go through it.
Anywho...back on track..tightening the straps is a wiggle work but when you have the right tight fit the mask looks great.
Fogging will occur but when you turn both fans on the fogging goes, but i found there is a small amount in the corner of the visor but not enough to blur you vision from gaming.

The size is about a medium so if you have a large face you are out of luck...

The mask is designed to be worn under the MICH helmet so if you have a US MICH 2000 or similar it will fit fine..but i found with the OPS core's the strap doesn't go round my chin or throat.

Overall its a great looking item and if you want that post apocalyptic look..its the thing for you. Shipping was prompt and fast.
World Exclusive GSR Gas Mask Replica
Good product, needed a little adjustment
Review by
Item arrived as promised and in terms of both quality and realism is very similar to the real deal.

Arrived in prompt time with all components and all fitted together very well. I would say I have a medium sized head and the mask just fits, so take that into account if you have a large sized head :-)

The only adjustment that I really changed was to turn the head strap connections (the rubber ends that attach to the mask) and feed them in from the outside in rather than inside out (if that makes sense) as when I initially kept adjusting the straps the connections kept unclipping from the mask. Turning them around, solved this problem for me!

Over all, a great product that I cannot wait to use in the field.

Have fun :-)

World Exclusive GSR Gas Mask Replica
Review by
I love it. I just recieved it and I can say for a fact that this is one of the best looking replicas I've ever seen.

I have yet to try it out at a skirmish, but I can tell you a few things.

It dosn't feel too heavy when you've got it on, you can breathe in it even when the fans arent running, although having them turned on makes for a much better experience.
Lots of straps for adjusting it on your head. Only downside is that the adjustment straps are attached to a rubber strap (Which is molded into the mask), and that if you pull too hard on the adjustment straps, they detach from the rubber straps. Not a problem, really, can easily be put on again, just a minor inconvenience.

"A gas mask airsoft replica you can actually breathe in and use in the field? Get out of here."

Bloody brilliant, get it while they still have it in stock! :D
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