WELL R4 (SMG-7) AEP Airsoft SMG

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WELL R4 (SMG-7) AEP Airsoft SMG

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The infamous special forces super compact sub machine pistol is available as an electric semi and full auto airsoft replica. Drop down fore-grip, twin side RIS rails for tac-light/laser mounting, top RIS mounted flip-up metal dual sights, retractable stock. What more do you need??

An excellent airsoft SMG that is perfect for CQB scenarios and makes a formidable sniper back-up weapon. No need to worry about it venting gas and not working when you need it most because it's electric!

Comes with 40rd lo-cap flush magazine, 450mAh NiMh battery and charger set, pack of BB's, speed-loading tube and clearing rod, and a decent manual with clear diagrams.

CODE Well R4
Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 180-220fps
Approx Range 30m+
Barrel Length 215mm
Magazine Capacity 40rd lo-cap
Battery Type AEP Specific
Fire Selector Semi / Fully Automatic
Hop Up Adjustable
Powered By Electric (Battery)
Gearbox Style AEP
Manufacturer WELL
Weight (Kg) 1.9000
Included Extras Battery, Charger, Starter BB Pellets
WELL R4 (SMG-7) AEP Airsoft SMG
Review by
Criticism first. .

The white painted dots on rear sight are all smudged.
The charging handle is very stiff and seems to bow upwards slightly and therefore the bolt release lever accomplishes nothing.
The forgrip doesn’t lock down into place.

Gun fires well. Not chrono’d it yet tho.

All in all it looks n feels the part but seems let down by the above quality control issues.
WELL R4 (SMG-7) AEP Airsoft SMG
Nice but seriously flawed
Review by
As a concept the MP7 airsoft is great, I really like the look and feel of this little gun. That's why I bought it, something ideal for CQB. Read all the reviews and seller write ups, paid my money got it home......... What a disappointment. Don't get me wrong the service from Airsoft. World was as is usual, brilliant, but I don't know who checks these guns over the chronological bit perhaps they should check each gun before it leaves the shop. The quotes for FPS on this gun varies from seller to seller ranging from 220, all the way up to 280 on some sites. The box it comes in quotes 210_300 depending on weight of bb's used. Mine struggles to reach 190 and that's with 12's. With 20's the range is about 15ft. Even after I cleaned all the grease out or the barrel and hop up the was virtually no improvement , I think I got an extra 5fps. I'm going to keep the gun, because, as I said the build is good, the weight I excellent, and I love the concept, but its going to take a lot of work to make it skirmish able. Somif you fancy an MP7 but can't afford a TM be prepared to put a lot of work into it. I won't say don't buy one, just be warned, it will need a lot of work and some extra money spent on it so it might be an idea to save up the pennies for a bit longer and but the TM version instead. However, if like me you like a challenge, the go for it.
WELL R4 (SMG-7) AEP Airsoft SMG
Great wee bit of kit
Review by
Great value for money
Looks good and feels great.
The range isn't that great but I plan on upgrading the barrel and hop rubber.
WELL R4 (SMG-7) AEP Airsoft SMG
Not bad
Review by
A good sold bit of kit.
Very much a back up gun as the range isn't that great. I have a pair of KWA KP8 GBB pistol's and they have about the same range.
The MP7 is compact and does look sweet with a large mag in.
As I don't have a UKARA I had to get mine painted two tone and the paint job looks awesome!
Be warned tho the battery terminals in the MP7 are delicate so don't force the battery in upside down as I did!
Many thanks to the guys at Airsoft world for fixing it for me.
WELL R4 (SMG-7) AEP Airsoft SMG
well mp7 aep
Review by
Great service from AW, great little gun if you haven't got the budget for the Tokyo Marui version. High cap mags are a must as is the ability to strip down guns and fine tune them, i.e. hop unit, as this one needed cleaning/reassembling to get it shooting nicely. That aside it is still good value even though you may have to fettle with it, after all it is a china clone. I'm sure it will now hold it's own at badgertac2's indoor cqb skirmishes.
WELL R4 (SMG-7) AEP Airsoft SMG
Well, Well, Well...
Review by
So, this is my first AEG... I first decided to purchase something that runs on batteries as in the last skirmish my GBBR was not firing on all cylinders so I wanted something for CQB that didn't cost the earth... Naturally I started with AW and came across this little piece. As my UKARA ran out a while ago, and I was way too busy to renew it, I had to Two Tone this gun, and do you know what? I like this paint job... I had to wait patiently quite a bit as it seemed to be peak time for TT requests in AW, and unlike AW I got 1 basic automated update with no estimate at all despite an email being sent... (I'm not angry AW, I know you're busy, this was just unlike you that's all :) ) Nevertheless, AW definitely made it stand out in a cool looking way and to be perfectly honest I like the little taped off razor delta edge paint job on the bottom and the green contrasting with black is in a good ratio - not too much green. I trust it's 51% however, as it looks maybe 40% ish... I had my doubts but this looks pretty damn good. Anyways, onto the gun itself. You get what you pay for, so nasty plastic foregrip and the polymer for the main body feels a little bit lesser quality. I am of course comparing the plastics to the plastic furniture on my KJW hi cappa 6 (which actually is a top notch weapon. Buy it now if you can.) as my GBBR is all metal barr handgrip and stock. But its metal where it counts, i.e. stock rails, RAS rail, RIS rails, flash hider, sights and mag release as well as majority of the mag. Out of the box, my selector switch wasn't aligned properly it seems, which was an easy fix with a few allen screws taken out and the gearbox fiddled with in its seating place. I've yet to give this gearbox a proper shim job it desperately needs as well as the usual barrel cleaning and the inevitable chrono. Fires reasonably well even though the battery was getting kinda flat when I squeezed off a few shots, with the ROF not being stupendously high enough to get the gun lodged up your arse by a guy you decided to spray point blank... The sights are just awful, however do the job. Things to do, once out of the box really, is a shim job, major internal clean/regrease, perhaps a tightbore and if you're feeling particularly extravagant a mosfet addition as well as a lipo conversion; but do be careful, the motor in this thing is not a standard motor, it is a brushed craptacular style so if you're going to run a lipo, expect the brushes to wear a lot quicker as well as the gears to take a pounding. As for gear quality I'm not too proficient in that area - I am a gas gun man after all so I've no idea whether they are of a standard measurement or not... Overall, it's a nice little CQB gun, fairly cheap and seems to reliable. Take care of it and it'll take care of you. Also get a few hicap/midcaps for this as one 40rd is NOT enough to be a primary. Hope this helps, happy purchasing, all the usual yadda yadda yadda and see you on the field.

Biggles out.
Compatible Batteries
MP7 7.2v 450mAh£10.50
NiMH / NICD Battery ChargerVIEW CHARGER£13.95OOS
LiPo / LiFe Battery ChargerVIEW CHARGER£19.95OOS
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