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WE 1911A1 Hi Capacity

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What?! A high capacity 1911A1?! HERESY! Well, actually it isn't, it's one of the most practical things a pistol maker has done for years. Apart from the Hi Capa 5.1 magazine there is nothing to set this apart from the standard WE 1911a1. So if WWII is your thing but you want a pistol that works in the cold, this is definitely for you. Like the classic looks of the big Colt, but want loads more rounds, or want to use Co2 magazines? Your dreams just came true Don't judge it til you have tried it, because this is a game changer.
Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 280+
Approx Range 40m plus
Barrel Length 4 inches
Magazine Capacity 31
Fire Selector Semi-Automatic
Blowback Yes
Hop Up Adjustable
Powered By Gas (Magazine)
Manufacturer WE Airsoft
Weight (Kg) 1.2000
WE 1911A1 Hi Capacity
Well worth purchasing
Review by
If it wasn't for the mag not being flush with the bottom of the grip you wouldn't really notice that this is a hi-cap 1911.

Fires great, feels good and has a nice blowback.

Bonus - you can also get CO2 mags for it.

Would recommend to any 1911 fans.
WE 1911A1 Hi Capacity
No-frills but excellent 1911
Review by
Superb service once again from airsoft world. Went on ebay and bought 2 co2 mags for her. Despite very,very small scratches on the right hand side part of the slide and a loose pin in the grip(pushed it back in again0 I am glad I purchased this. The magazine it comes with holds its gas well and after getting used to co2 those mags gave the pistol extra power and range. Just the thing with winter coming! I was so impressed with it I spent the rest of the day skirmishing with just the pistol.
So, if you are on a budget and like big chunky pistols that have not changed in over a hundred years then get one of these!
WE 1911A1 Hi Capacity
Excellent Buy
Review by
Bought this a few months ago, and do not regret it one bit; the gun itself has a nice heft to it, crisp action and a nice sound to it.

With my hop set, I can get a 0.25g bb to hit the 40m mark with very good accuracy (roughly +/- a foot depending on how good wind conditions are)

the magazine holds enough gas for around 2 magazines on a warm day, 1 1/2 if cold... and the gun/magazine seems to never want to vent, despite me blasting 8 magazines at combat pace on an okay day.

So, if you want a decent secondary (or indeed primary) that is brilliant value for money and has amazing range for a handgun, then this is the one for you. As an added bonus they are 5.1 hi capa magazines so you can run them on gas or co2, depending on your preference... personally I can't wait to get co2 for mine.

(As a side note, I'm looking for a 6.03 tightbore for my 1911 which has a barrel a good 20mm shorter than most we 1911s... 94.5mm against the usual 112mm so watch out for that if you do the same)

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