Warq Plain Colour Helmet - Kit

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Warq Plain Colour Helmet - Kit

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WARQ guarantees a total absence of fog, it also offers maximum comfort and a wide field of vision.

The ballistic and mechanical resistance of the helmet meets the European standard EN166B. It allows complete protection of the head against all types of impacts and falls.

The Picatinny rail and NVG attachment ensure compatibility with a wide range of accessories.

Designed to be lightweight, the helmet has also been designed to adapt perfectly to your body shape. A retention kit ensures unmatched comfort, even after several hours of intense play. High-quality foams, supplied with the helmet, also allows you to adjust the fit to the shape of your head. 

  • This bifocal thermal screen guarantees zero fog and provides a large field of vision. It benefits from the latest generations of anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments. No washing is necessary, even during an intensive game. The screen offers you optimum visibility and protection against all injuries
  • The helmet ventilation is specifically designed to improve breathability and avoid condensation or fogging. Firstly, the screen-to-face distance is optimized to prevent facial sweating from increasing humidity inside the helmet. Secondly, the helmet is equipped with a wide grid and side fins, maximizing natural air flow convection and body heat exhaust.
  • Security is a priority for WARQ. For this reason, ballistic and mechanical resistances of the helmet meet the European Norm EN166B. It is also compliant with fall, shock and marbles shot standards.
  • Compatible with your usual PTT connector, the WARQ headset mounts on the left or right inside the helmet. It was designed to not push against the ear, enabling you to stay focus onyour environment whilst speaking with your team. Comfort and sound quality are the strengths of this headset.
  • The Picatinny rail and NVG mount ensure compatibility between the helmet with a wide range of accessories.
  • Very lightweight, the helmet is specifically designed to perfectly fit your head morphology. A liner kit ensures an optimum comfort, even after several hours of intense combat. The helmet is also furnished with high quality foam for personal head adjustment.

The helmet is available in 4 colours: Black, Tan, Green and Gray.

The helmet is offered as a kit. You can, using the manual, assemble your own helmet. The helmet assembly takes a few minutes and is very easy.

These are supplied by default with a CLEAR lens.

Manufacturer WARQ
Warq Plain Colour Helmet - Kit
Has it's pros and cons
Review by
I was looking for a solution to the issues of fogging and coupling separate elements (helmet, lower face pro, eye pro) together, in one easy fix so bought the WarQ helmet from Airsoft World net ;). Let me first say I have only been playing airsoft since lockdown was lifted so I am new to the 'sport'. My findings... Did it fog? Not in the slightest, I have even worn it through a half hour HIT workout at home to test this as well as on a game day and no fogging at all. It is comfortable to run around in even though it has been 23 degrees C recently. You may want to wear something under this as I found the sweat wore the dye from the black pad on to my forehead, which of course no one said until I returned home lol. Expecting to sight down anything other than a pistol forget it. You will need to work that one out. I imagine in the winter it could feel quite cosy in side. Due to the size of this you are making your head a larger target (for CQB), and I found it a bit of a bb magnet. Perhaps it's my noob technique (likely), but I thought it did attract a lot of fire, which made my ears ring, another lesson learnt. The eye pro/screen has taken many a bb but you could not tell. I can see a few scrapes on the helmet's side where it's taken a glancing shot. In summary, this solves some issues, provides a few new ones, and as all parts are bespoke you are tied in to the longevity of the product and the company, so a few spare parts may be worth getting (screen, straps, etc). Oh, and you can just about stretch an PASGT helmet cover over, to match your loadout.
Warq Plain Colour Helmet - Kit
Review by
Brilliant piece of kit. Couldn't decide for ages whether to get it or not because I didn't really want to where a full helmet but when you add up the amount I've spent on different goggles, masks etc it's a good price.
Worn for a full day so far in humid conditions with no breeze and didn't steam up once, despite sweat running down my head inside.
Very good visibility and saved my ears on more than one occasion.
Better than any goggles I've used and so much easier to see through than mesh.
Plus, credit to for supplying me so quickly.
Order to doorstep within 21 hours free when another company let me down and £30 cheaper.
Warq Plain Colour Helmet - Kit
Warq Helmet... some assembly required...
Review by
Got this nice product today at the shop (in Green).

Its a really nice product overall, the parts quality is very good. It does require some assembly before you can use it, and it did take me about 20-40mins to get it all together nicely, was a little bit of a fiddle with the inner rigging. Warq's boast that it wont fog up, is in my opinion 95% true... I did manage to get it to fog up for literally 2 seconds but that was actively trying to make it fog, normal use/game play will see (pretty much almost) no fogging at all which impressed me. If you are like myself and wear glasses and prefer to wear glasses while wearing full face protection, this is a really nice choice. However it can be a little bit of an awkward fit to get it to go over your glasses initially, but once you get your head into it with glasses on, its pure bliss, most comfortable fit and feeling that i've found so far! Generally seeing down the scope of a rifle should be fine, however if you are like me and prefer CQB weapons such as the P90 and ARP-9, its a bit awkward and requires you to hold the gun at arms lenght to see into the scope (more so with the ARP-9), doesnt put me off much as I mostly play CQB games at the fortress anyway - and for longer ranges i usually rock a tracer unit anyway so ''needing" to aim down a sight isnt really an issue for me personally...

Overall its a great product, great build quality and would recommend it every time!
SCORE: 9/10
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