Umarex Branded Colt SAA (Single Army Action) .45 - .177 Air Pistol

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    UMAREX 5.8307
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    This is the steel BB version of the Colt Peacemaker from Umarex.

    With a Full Metal frame, Cylinder, Barrel, Hammer etc, this gives superb weight and a VERY satisfying noise and action when used.

    The co2 capled is retained with the grip. You simply remove one side of the grip (sprung clips hold it in place so no tools needed) and this alloows the caplet to be accessed.. A tightening tool is also built into the grip, so no need of any extra tools at all.

    The BBs are loaded into the metal shells from the rear, which are accessed by flipping a section down to the side of the pistol, just like the real thing!