UK Law and Regulation Regarding Buy An Airsoft BB Gun

A short and hopefully helpful guide towards UK law regarding the sale of Airsoft BB Guns. This law only applies to you if the delivery address of the Airsoft gun is within the UK and Northern Ireland. For all Channel Islands, EU and Non-EU sales, please enter NOT UK into the UKARA box.

Since October 2007 you can only buy a realistic imitation firearm (one that looks like a real gun) if you are at least 18 years old and meet one of the following conditions:

Airsoft World - VCRA Registered Retailer

  • You are a 'registered' airsofter with membership of an insured skirmish site. To be registered, you must attend a properly organised and insured airsoft site and play for at least three days over a period of no less than two months. Even if you attend and play the three days in your first week, UK Law requires that two months pass from the first day you attended before you can legally be registered.
  • You are a member of a properly insured historical re-enactment group or society.
  • You are a film, television or theatre production company.
  • You are (or are acting on behalf of) a museum
  • You are a Crown Servant in pursuance of your Crown duties

If you cannot meet any of these criteria, you can still buy an imitation firearm, one who's principle colour is significantly different to that of a real firearm – i.e. bright green, bright blue etc.

The VCRA 2006 concerns itself with sale, manufacture and import ONLY. If you buy an imitation firearm and either gift it to someone else, or allow them to use it – regardless of their age – you are not contravening the Act. So, a parent can buy a two-tone airsoft gun and give it to their child to use or keep.


Hint: When shopping for airsoft, look for UKARA registered retailers

Airsoft World Ltd. are a registered UKARA retailer and a founding member of the organisation.


Purchasing a RIF

When purchasing a realistic imitation firearm that is NOT two-tone in colouration, please supply your player ID or submit a copy of your exemption to us for evaluation. Verification of your ability to purchase will be checked and your order will be dispatched if you pass the verification process. For UKARA, UCAP, BAC, S.W.A.T, Sportsman Association & Airsoft101 members, please make sure the delivery address matches the address you registered with on the retrospective database.



Update - 18-10-2011

UK Airsoft established at 1.3 joules (approx 374FPS/.2g bb) for full auto and 2.5 joules (approx 519FPS) for single/semi sniper or pistol


Final word – We are not a lawyers (and don't want to be one thank you) and if you have any further questions or concerns you should seek qualified legal advice. We believe that the facts here are as accurate as they can be, but we cannot be held responsible if they should prove otherwise.

Now, does anyone have a question about airsoft guns?!


The Airsoft World Team