UHC Two Tone Hybrid Dual Power MK74U Springer CLEARANCE SALE!!

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    A very unique rifle which is plastic injected in Two Tone blue/black and therefore anyone over 18 can buy this.

    Originally designed as a dual functioning electric gearboxed rifle capable of semi-auto and full-automatic fire. However, if ANY BB's put through this airsoft rifle are deformed in any way and the BB jams in the barrel, the gearbox fails and cannot be repaired. We have quite a few customers who have managed to keep these running in electric mode for over a year, some much longer. As long as you don't have a BB jam, they will run :)

    The hybrid dual power function means that this unique model will also fire when the battery charge has run out. You simply pull the cocking lever back to load the rifle and fire in semi-auto mode. This is a highly reliable and much more powerful part of this guns function. In fact it fires at almost twice the power of using it in electric mode and is almost invincible.

    It has a collapsable Para style stock and comes with a large bag of high quality 0.12g BB's, rechargeable battery and charger. This rifle is geared to fire high quality 0.12g BB's only. Any heavier weight BB's, deformed, visible seams or re-using fired BB's will almost definately kill the gearbox.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is being sold as a spring cocking rifle, which is reflected in the massive price reduction. The electric gearbox is not guaranteed to keep working and has absolutely no warranty whatsoever. If you are not happy with this, please do not buy it. We will not replace or refund any sales of this rifle.