Two-Tone Army Armament R85A1 (L85A1 L85 A1) - Re-Worked

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    Back from the vaults (well, a pallet we found buried at the back of the warehouse in reality...) is the Army Armament R85 A1. All the plastic parts are now injection moulded in Two-Tone green to make it easier for you to repaint (or replace the original plastics) when you become registered to own a RIF. The only painted part is the top receiver.

    We recommend only for use with the 2200mAh R85 battery or a 2200mAh or higher LiPo converted to Large Tamiya or the rifle converted to deans.


    These are re-worked rifles and tested before dispatch. Please note that with all G&G and Army Armaments R85 / L85 rifles, semi-auto is known to be temperamental. Please check the forums before purchasing as returns for temperamental semi-auto will not be accepted.

    As these are re-worked guns the boxes may not be in perfect condition. The odd one may also not have a front sight, but this isn't needed. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

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    Regular Price £219.95 Special Price £184.95