Tokyo Marui U.S. M9 Airsoft Pistol

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With a crisp trigger pull and good gas efficiency, the U.S. M9 from Tokyo Marui has some new features:

  • Adjustable Hopup
  • Working hammer decocker! 
Since it was officially adopted as a side arm of the US Army in 1985, the definitive version of the M9 pistol, a handgun that is extremely popular and famous in Japan, has finally been upgraded! Equipped with a safety and decoking function that fans have been waiting for, and a variable hop-up system, it is finished as a "Supreme One" that pays attention to detail, texture and weight of each part. Realistic form: Beautiful form and checkered grip by Italy's Beretta Co. are realistically reproduced in detail by measuring from a real gun. Powerful blowback: This is a model that realistically reproduces the power of appearance and the intense recoil at the time of launch, with the slide retreating vigorously at the time of launch. Also, the movement distance of the nozzle inside the slide has been increased, making the silhouette when the slide is open more realistic. Equipped with decoking function: By operating the safety lever on the side of the slide, you can safely return the cocked (hardened) hammer to its original position. Reproduce the same operation as the real thing: You can enjoy two types of firing methods: single action that raises the hammer manually and fires, double action that raises the hammer just by pulling the trigger and fires. Feeling of texture and weight: The slide and frame reproduce the difference in color due to the difference in the materials used, just like the real thing. In addition, the metal weight placed inside provides excellent weight balance. 2-dot site: Reproduced specifications with white in the center of the rear site. Die-cast real size magazine: Includes 26 magazines and a die-cast magazine that is resistant to cold. Gas blowback series M92F and tactical master magazines can also be used. Specifications: - Velocity: 280 fps - Barrel Length: 5.5 inches - Magazine Capacity: 26 Rounds Features: - Front & Rear Slide Serration
Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 280+
Approx Range 50M+
Barrel Length 100mm
Magazine Capacity 26rds
Fire Selector Semi-Automatic
Blowback Yes
Hop Up Adjustable
Powered By Gas (Magazine)
Gas Compatibility 144a
Manufacturer Tokyo Marui
Weight (Kg) 1.1000
Tokyo Marui U.S. M9 Airsoft Pistol
Outstanding pistol
Review by
I've used a lot of pistols over the years, including previous Tokyo Marui models, KWA's and WE's and this by far outshines all of them in terms of two areas I value most; performance and reliability.

I was reluctant to move back to a plastic frame pistol at first but the other reviews I'd seen coupled with the staple Tokyo Marui workmanship made this an easier decision. That coupled with me being a lefty and getting a left handed non-generic holster is complicated to say the least. I went for a real steel Blackhawk SERPA which fit the bill nicely but as it grasped on to the trigger guard which is plastic I was concerned that this may snap as I've heard reports that the frames can crack, although I've yet to see evidence of this with my own eyes. I needn't have worried as thus far (touch wood) I've had no cause for concern and the plastic itself is extremely sturdy.

If you're concerned about going for a plastic frame, don't be. Unless you're actually handling the pistol you'd never know, certainly anyone you're drawing on won't be stopping to check if it's metal framed or not. There are two weights in the grips which attempt to bring the pistol closer to the weight of it's real steel counterpart, these may well be removed if you have a small enough allen key but I don't see the need and the weight is not only comforting but helps manage the recoil.

The action is crisp and firm and racking the slide is the only other area in which this pistol doesn't match up to a metal framed one; it lacks a certain something in the sound. This is only noticable in the loading of the first pellet however and actually firing it you'd never know the difference.

I'm a seasonal Airsofter I'm ashamed to say and so the pistol will happily sit in a kit bag for months at a time, only coming out to be serviced before being returned to it's storage ready for the spring to arrive. That being said, it continues to outshine any other pistol I've owned in terms of accuracy and hop performance whilst not being greedy with the Gas.

The performance itself is superb. Absolutely superb. The adjustable hop up is in a sensible place (flip the slide release, bring the slide off the frame and turn it upside down) and can be adjusted without the need for tools in the field.

The magazines are my only other complaint. With the introduction of the P226 the TM mags were overhauled and had several enhancements made, the mags for the M9 however are the same magazines for other variants. This isn't a big deal as I have plenty of these about and you can often find them cheap on forums or even ebay so getting spare mags is easy, as is parts.

Overall, if you don't mind rocking an older model (the real steel M9 has been about since the 80's) then this is a new beast under the bonnet with TM's trademark goodness and reliability. I can't recommend it enough.
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