Tokyo Marui RF Police SS 'Semi-Auto' Spring Airsoft Pistol - WAFFEN PPKSS - Stainless

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    Gindan Air Gun Police Pistol SS SILVER

    "Bond, James Bond and this is the pistol I'm going to kill you with" :)

    Tokyo Marui invented the electric airsoft gun. Almost every other brand available is a Tokyo Marui copy to some extent, whether it's an AEG, AEP, EBB, GBB or a simple springer. The bottom line however is they have the best quality control bar-none.

    So we present to you the Tokyo Marui double-action spring pistol! Probably the best budget priced spring pistol in the world.

    Comes with a small pack of 50x 0.12g BB's. Please do not attempt to fire heavier BB as it is designed for 0.12g BB's only.