Tokyo Marui M870 Wood-Effect Airsoft Gas Multi-shot Shotgun

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    The latest 'technology' in shotguns from the masters of airsoft gun manufacturing has arrived.

    Moving away for the normal ABS plastic construction, Tokyo Marui has made this new shotgun from metal. Everything apart from the stock and pump-grip is metal!

    Howevva! Metal and plastic aside, the most intruiging fact about this brand new design is in the multishot select fore system. At the flick of a switch you can decide to fire a 3-round burst or a 6-round burst :) So considering that you have a 30-round replica shotgun cartridge in the breech, you have as many as 10 shots or as few as 5 shots before you need to reload - awesome fun!!

    The best bit about this new model airsoft shotgun is that it can use the standard spring powered shotgun cartridges that have been around for about 15 years, so no need to splash out extra cash on a pile of backup shells if you already have them.

    The gas "tank" looks like a .50cal mag and slots quickly and easily into the stock. Replacement/spare tanks are also available.