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Tokyo Marui

Tokyo Marui Colt Government 1911 Mk IV Series 70 Airsoft Pistol - Nickel

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The latest TM pistol is one of their new design 'Hi-Kick Hi-Grouping' models for the more serious pistol owners and collectors.

The Mk IV Series 70 was the first major improvement over the original John Browning designed 1911 adopted by the US Army in the same year. The barrel bushing (the system it runs on when fired and the slide recoils back) was changed from a cylindrical type to a collet with four fingers which centralised the barrel inside the slide when fired.

The 1911 field strips exactly the same as the real-steel version, has a working grip safety and 99% perfect trademarks. Oh, and you can shave using it as a mirror....

The Tokyo Marui 70 series 1911 pistol is totally stunning in both appearance and performance. The new generation of Gas Blow Back (GBB) pistols incorporate their brand new 'Hi-Grouping Hard-Kick Blowback' mechanism.

The finish is as good as Western Arms pistols which up until now were the most realistic pistols on the market. Recommended to run on HFC 134a gas or Ultra Gas in the winter. It is not recommended to use green gas or propane and will void any warranty.

CODE TM-1911-S70Nkl
Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 270+
Approx Range 30m+
Barrel Length 89mm
Magazine Capacity 26 Rounds single stack
Fire Selector Semi-Automatic
Blowback Yes
Hop Up Adjustable
Powered By Gas (Magazine)
Gas Compatibility 144a, Abbey Ultra
Manufacturer Tokyo Marui
Weight (Kg) 1.1000
Tokyo Marui Colt Government 1911 Mk IV Series 70 Airsoft Pistol - Nickel
1911 Icon: An absolute classic
Review by
It took almost a year to get around to finally biting the bullet (no pun intended) and actually purchasing this - and boy I'm glad I did in the end. I have to admit I was in the 'all metal' camp at the start (I'm into building metal upgrade/custom kits for 1911s) but in reality plastic guns do work much more reliably in all seasons for airsoft, and having this classic 'bling' pistol in the hand makes you almost forget that it is a plastic gun, because the nickel finish has been applied so skillfully and flawlessly! TM have mastered the art of nickel plating ABS plastic; whilst I know it will be a very reliable gun in service (Tokyo Marui are leaders in airsoft and their quality is excellent) I'm frightened to use it too much as it is just so beautiful! You would stick out a mile if you had this as your load-out's definitely a wall-hanger/display piece in it's own right. I had to stick it in my Galco 'Miami Classic' shoulder rig; a hawaiian shirt and white linen trousers would complete the outfit ;) They have faithfully replicated a classic 1970s Colt icon for the airsoft hobby, all the markings are correct, and it would be great for cosplay events too. I just had to customise this by adding Colt pearl grips to finish the 'look'; the weighted faux-plastic grips it comes with are excellent but I felt that the pearl grips added that final touch; it's a trade-off as obviously you lose weight on the gun when you add real-steel grips, but that doesn't bother me. All in all, she's a keeper, if any of you out there are hesitating on whether or not to get this, I'd say go for it, it's a must have for any airsoft pistol collector, and it's very well made and presented nicely in a blue velvet cushioned box. Speedy delivery and top service from Airsoft World too :)
Tokyo Marui Colt Government 1911 Mk IV Series 70 Airsoft Pistol - Nickel
Lovely Piece of Kit
Review by
I really like this pistol. Now although it is not my style (being a TM M92F and M9A1 user) I still appreciate this guns beauty and performance. Now the model I got my hands on and skirmished with a few times was the standard (not nickel) version of the pistol but I'm sure internally speaking they are the same. The pistol functions wonderfully with a nice crisp blowback and has never had any jams or misfeeds throughout my time using it.

A thing to be aware of is the single stack magazine. The airsoft version is double stack but the real one was single stack making it thinner than other magazines and thus limiting its gas capacity. I found this not to be a major issue as long as you kept it topped up when you loaded new bbs which you should always do!. Other than that whenever its around my standard skirmish pistol gets neglected the prettier and older 1911.

Lovely pistol and a fine example of Tokyo Maui quality
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