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Tokyo Marui
CODE Gindan Air Gun Police Pistol SS Real Red
Approx FPS 150+
Approx Range 15m+
Magazine Capacity 30rds
Shooting Mode Semi-Automatic
Hop Up Yes
Gun Type Springer
Manufacturer Tokyo Marui
Weight (Kg) 0.1980
Included Extras Starter BB Pellets

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Tokyo Marui Black Walther PPK 'Semi-Auto' Spring Airsoft Pistol

- (Tokyo Marui)

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"Bond, James Bond and this is the pistol I'm going to kill you with" :)

Tokyo Marui invented the electric airsoft gun. Almost every other brand available is a Tokyo Marui copy to some extent, whether it's an AEG, AEP, EBB, GBB or a simple springer. The bottom line however is they have the best quality control bar-none.

So we present to you the Tokyo Marui double-action spring pistol in Black! Probably the best budget priced spring pistol in the world.

Comes with a small pack of 50x 0.12g BB's. Please do not attempt to fire heavier BB as it is designed for 0.12g BB's only.

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Made from a highly durable ABS plastic, this Walther PPK replica has a unique double-action trigger, which means you don't have to cock the slide back. You just pull that trigger as fast as you like and the BB's will feed through that pistol beautifully!

It's not powerful and will shoot approx 15m+ which is very safe and ideal for indoor plinking and target shooting without the risk of damaging decor or ornaments.

The top slide does not move when firing. The trigger has a genius self-cocking mechanism which cocks and releases the piston/spring in a single pull.

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