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Weight (Kg) 0.2100
Manufacturer TLSFX
Fuse Delay 7 Seconds

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TLSFX Thermobaric Grenade


A very low volume flashbang grenade Buy in 10's and save £££s Please note we CANNOT ship pryo via Royal Mail

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TLSFX Thermobaric Grenade


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  2.    TLSFX Thermobaric Multi-Bang grenade


A very low volume flashbang grenade with an extremely bright flash which is primarily designed for indoor use. The magnesium flash is the brightest currently available and is very effective for room clearance and night game use. 38mm x 115mm with friction strike fuse

1). Shake it vigorously to mix the chemicals.

2). Snap off the cap, don’t twist it off and it shouldn’t require too much force.

3). Once snapped off you’ll see the friction fuse. Take the rough side of the cap and strike the fuse with it. This shouldn’t take too much force, no more than striking a non-safety match.

4). Live pyrotechnic, (Up to 7 Seconds to throw, but we don't recommend you finding out the fuse delay in your hand if it goes off early). Drop a safe distance away (5m)

Customer Reviews

TLSFX Thermobaric Grenade
AwesomeReview by
Their excellent there is more of a thud in the ground but their not to loud but great fun and big flash !!!!!!!
TLSFX Thermobaric Grenade
excellentReview by
TLSFX Thermobaric Grenade
One big flawReview by
These beauties produce a deep thud rather than a bang with LOTS of smoke and a bright magnesium flash. i love seeing them go off at night or in fog, it makes the flash look amazing. they are a bit more pricey than normal pyro but its worth it.

there is however one problem i keep running across. these have a terrible habit of being dud's if you fail to shake them just before use. i heard this before i used them but in a skirmish you always forget to shake them. as a result out of the 10 i bought and 7 Ive used 3 have been dud's.
TLSFX Thermobaric Grenade
Wow!Review by
I have been on the recieving end of one of these a few times in a CQB arena. I must say the combination of the very loud bang and bright flash from these really are disorientating! These really do make your ears ring afterwards while the flash has the same effect as staring at a light bulb for too long! Although the effects are brief (If they were any longer we civies wouldn't be allowed to use them) they do buy you the time needed to clear a room of the opposite team... What more could you ask for?

Good Buy!

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