Target Points

What are Target Points?

Target Points is a loyalty reward system run by Airsoft World Ltd, which allows registered customers to gain points with every purchase made on and also at any Airsoft World retail shop.

How do I get Target Points?

Target Points can be acquired with every successful checkout from the Airsoft World Ltd. website as long as you are registered and logged into your account during checkout. If you checkout as a Guest, we cannot allocate points. All customers who already hold an account will automatically accrue Target Points from 7pm on the 1st February 2011. There is no need to sign up for a separate Target Point account, it will start automatically on every online account, is completely free to use and there is no obligation to use the points if you do not wish to.

For every £1 spent, our customers will receive 1 Target Point which will hold a virtual value of one pence. So for every 100 points gained you will receive £1 in points credit on your account. Points exclude shipping and handling.

When can I redeem my Target Points?

Once you have successfully gained 250 points, you will be able to start redeeming your points on your next order or you can choose to build up your points to a greater amount and use them at a later date.

Target Points have no expiry date, you can save them up for as long as you like. Target Points can only be redeemed or 'cashed in' as a credit towards a purchase and can not be exchanged for cash. Target Points are not transferable in any form.

Can I redeem my points with a coupon code?

Target Points are not redeemable with any discount coupon codes that reduce the price of an item, so you'll have to choose between using your Target Points or a coupon code when selecting your discount