TAGwear "Chimera" Camo Suit (Partizan - M) - Jacket and Trousers

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    TW05 Chimera
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    The two colors make it possible to use the suit based on the season or the type of locality. The camouflage pattern "Chimera," as the suit itself are an exclusive development designed with the participation of intelligence officials and Special Task Force. The suit has passed repeated field tests and proven its efficiency.

    The main feature is that when the suit is reversed to the other side, it remains fully operational, – all the pouches, clasps, and sink marks are designed so as to be used when wearing the suit on either side.

    The hood is adjusted based on the volume and facial contours; it is equipped with a visor. In order not to drown out the sounds around, the hood is equipped with a mesh insert at the level of the ears.

    The jacket is fastened with slit buttons sewn on the enforcing ribbon: it is both convenient and safe. The jacket has four slash pockets on the front side. The cord is provided to adjust the volume based on the waistline. To ensure additional camouflaging, the jacket is equipped with special belt loops designed for fastening the vegetate.

    Loose-fitting pants ensuring the freedom of movement. Belt adjusted with two elastic bands, between which the cord is threaded. The bottom part of the pants is adjusted with an elastic band. The area of more prominent wear is equipped with additional lining pads made of basic fabric. The slits intended for gaining access inside are placed on the sides; they are closed using the flap with a button, if necessary.

    As low as £132.95