TAG Innovation HPA Conversion Kit for the TAG-ML36 Grenade Launcher

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    The TAG ML36 HPA conversion Kit consists of one 13cI compressed air tank with a 950PSI regulator, an air supply adapter with on/off and depressurising function, nozzle plate, adjustable aiming device with folding leaf calibrated for the current model of HPA ballistics, and a specially designed CNC made butt-stock.

    A TAG-ML36 launcher equipped with this HPA kit will provide you with excellent accuracy in any weather and temperature between -20C’ and +40C’ with perfect consistency for approx. 40 shots per tank fill. Please note – in order to assemble an HPA version of TAG-ML36 you will need the following TAGinn products: TAG-ML36 launcher and the TAG-ML36 Standalone chassis with this TAG-ML36 HPA conversion kit. This kit installation requires basic technical skills. Contact your local technician if necessary.

    The Holy Grail of replica lanchers is here, and now in a dedicated HPA (High Pressure Air) form! There is NOTHING that comes close to the build quality, ingenious design and rock solid realsim found with the all new TAG-ML36™ Shell-less Grenade Launcher. Years of R&D have gone into this, originally at the request of a special armed forces regiment for thier super realistic training requirements and now offered direct to the airsoft people from TAG Innovation RUSSIA!!!.

    The TAG-ML36 launcher enables you to shoot without the need (and expense) of any preloaded cartridges like TAG “Shells” or “BB Showers”, but by directly inserting a 40mm TAG projectile inside the TAG-15” reverse-rifled barrel. Please watch the videos below for a better understanding of how it works and it's awesome capabilities.