Speed Airsoft Premium Propane Adaptor V2

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Speed Airsoft Premium Propane Adaptor V2

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All other propane adaptors on the market has just been blown out of the water.

You can save money by using camping propane bottles instead of airsoft green gas. Camping bottles contain a lot more liquid propane because the containers are much stronger and can withstand the high pressure. It's cheaper because of the bulk content but also because it isn't imported from Taiwan, which is where 90% of all available airsoft green gas comes from.

Unlike green gas, camping propane does not contain lubricant, which is required to keep your valves and O-rings sweet and maintained. So we recommend that you get a bottle of silicone oil to ocassionally add a drop in the gas valve before you fill it with gas. Don't use mineral oil, EVER.

We will soon also have the propane bottles and be able to ship them to you safely. Hopefully later this week.....

CNC machined from billet aluminium, then hard anodised to prevent corrosion and make the surface highly durable. The V1 brass nozzle has been replaced with a very strong Delrin nozzle:

"Delrin is an engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability. Wikipedia"

You will never need to replace this because it breaks or wears out. If you drop one of the plastic ones and stand on it, wave goodbye to £15. Consider all of this, now look at the price. Win.

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Speed Airsoft Premium Propane Adaptor V2
Great once its fitted...
Review by
So i've had mine a few months now but sad to say i have only used it a handfull of times in the last few weeks because of issues getting it fitted to a propane bottle.

I originally purchased a bottle of Rotherberg Propane from Screwfix, screwed the adapter on and nothing! i tried for hours to get it to fit but wasn't getting anywhere! it got to the pint where i was ruining the threads, no deliberately but i didn't know i was doing it till after. The main issue is the adapter is aluminium and the gas bottles are steel, meaning if you gt it wrong, say good by to threads on the adapter as the steel threads are far stronger!

My mate also purchased one a few weeks after me and he had the same issues as me.

I then decided to purchase a bottle of Coleman gas from go outdoors, after reading the review above. i had EXACTLY the same issue at first as the first propane i bought, no matter how hard i screwed it on it just didn't work!

I decided to have a look properly and try and see what was stopping thee adapter from screwing on enough tp push the valve on. after plenty of faffing and huffing and puffing i worked it out.

Inside both the Coleman and Roterberg cylinder just above the valve is a small white collar, this has to be pushed down by the adapter (as far as i can tell)

So i had one last go after hundreds, holding the bottle at a angle upside down with my right hand and the adapter in my left i screwed it on as far as it went then with a final push it suddenly moved a few more threads,and BINGO it was working!

It gets 4 stars because of the poor instructions or lack of warning on what to expect when trying to screw it on.

Needless to say BOTH the outsides of our adapters are ruined from using different tools to grip them.

Now were up and running and im super impressed by the performance from the propane, far more shots out of a mag and huge improvement on power through the chrono, about 15-20fps,

Then disaster, the can rolled off the work bench and fell about 4ft to the carpet floor and the refill needle snapped off :( so i only managed 6/7 mags and grenades before it now dosen't work untill i buy the replacement needles!

To summerise, the adapter DOES fit the Rotherberg propane and the Coleman Propane cylinders BUT its not easy at all to screw them on at first, its very deceiving! when the adapter stops moving, it needs a strong turn to get it past the white collar then it'll screw around 1 1/2 full turns and bingo it will work.!

Worth the money, no doubt the coleman cylinders from Go Outdoors are the best value for money @ £7.20.

Get one AND a pack of replacement needles at the same time to avoid disappointment in the worse case.

Oh and i nearly forgot, as these are canadian they use IMPERIAL allen key sizes not metric like here in the UK. just to make you aware
Speed Airsoft Premium Propane Adaptor V2
Review by
This great and anyone who likes using gbbrs should own one buying the plastic ones in my eyes is a waste of money because you put it in your kit bag and it breaks theres £15 wasted and then you couldnt use your gun for the day really without buying gas at the site if they have it these and strong and you dont have to replace the whole thing if the tip breaks but i doubt it because these are really strong i would recommend using the coleman propane its £7.20 in gooutdoors i managed to get 3 full mags out of one fill for my WE scar and gbbr owners will know they tend to use alot more gas than pistols obviously because there bigger but i would recommend to all dont forget the oil though just drop a few into the hole before you screw the adapter on and then your got enough for 3-4 mags to fill up so thats 270-360 rounds before you have to add more oil to fill your gbbrs and if you use it for pistols even more rounds :D
Speed Airsoft Premium Propane Adaptor V2
Well constructed
Review by
Nice, solid bit of kit, which is good as have bought to replace a different version wihch came a cropper in my kitbag within a year.

First impressions are that this is much much more solid that the competition. The delrin tip seems much more resilient than the alternatives, too.

Fits nicely to the can of propane and fills well. May be that the fill nozzle is a tad too short for some mags - I foundit to be *just* long enough for a KWA Mac11 but fine in a TM226.

Overall - very nice bit of kit and worth the £5 over the competition, although would be nice if it came with a bottle of oil included and maybe a cap/cover for storage.

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