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SPECIAL OFFER! Two-Tone Concern Izhmash licensed Dragunov SVD airsoft sniper rifle (spring)

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Just arrived - LIMITED OFFER - Grab one while you can!.

One of the best tournament grade airsoft sniper rifles on the market - this is NOT a BB gun, it's an airsoft rifle.

Spring operated Dragunov SVD licensed by Concern Izhmash, Russia, the real manufacturer of the legendary original SVD. THE SVD has a fixed stock and the cheek rest can be adjusted. All internals, body, barrel are made of metal. The front guard, grip and stock are made of ABS plastic.

Note that a spare high-power spring is also supplied with the rifle – easy to upgrade from 310FPS to 440FPS, takes a few minutes.

Metal and ABS construction, solid as a rock, it's almost identical to the real one. In fact, the only ABS parts are the pistol grip and fore-grip. Everything else is metal for ultimate realism.

A bolt action spring powered sniper rifle firing at around 310fps+ out of the box but also comes with an easily swapped spring to upgrade the velocity to circa 440 fps. It will also accept standard AEG springs giving further flexibility. Comes with a 200rd high capacity magazine, so you'll never have to go back to the safezone to reload!

Link to the real steel version can be seen here:

Note that these are built to order and may have verly light scuffing where we've had to move/remove parts to swap out the fore grip and stock but will in no-way detract from the rifle.

CODE 16490
Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 310+
Approx Range 60m+
Barrel Length 590mm
Magazine Capacity 200rd
Fire Selector One Shot Per Cock
Hop Up Adjustable
Powered By Spring (Springer)
Manufacturer A&K
Weight (Kg) 2.6000
SPECIAL OFFER! Two-Tone Concern Izhmash licensed Dragunov SVD airsoft sniper rifle (spring)
Hello.... Is it SVD you're looking for?
Review by
Gorgeous gun to look at and to hold. Hop up didn't need to be touched out of the box.

CAUTION: flip open the top of the mag to fill. Do not use a speed loader to jam them down the hole.

I was expecting to receive an A&K product but the box said ASG. After a quick phone call to Airsoft World I found out that it is an A&K product but is licensed/branded by ASG but is the same product as is advertised.

The fore grip is a little shorter than the space it fills and moves slightly. This was fixed with an elastic band wedged into the gap and it can't be seen.

Very solid, very well painted, the plastic stock and fore grip sound like a let down at first but are easily ignored once you have it in your hands.

Cocking it is not an issue and its size is amazing.

My first gun and my first Airsoft World purchase and I am very happy with both.
SPECIAL OFFER! Two-Tone Concern Izhmash licensed Dragunov SVD airsoft sniper rifle (spring)
well worth buying one,fantastic
Review by
its a deffo a long rifle the weight balance is just right and looks and feels real good quality too,in fact its so impressed with mine.would be great in anyones collection.mine was processed yesterday and arrived before 12pm today :) so great service too,thanks
SPECIAL OFFER! Two-Tone Concern Izhmash licensed Dragunov SVD airsoft sniper rifle (spring)
Awesome Product Awesome service!!
Review by
I bought this gun a month or so ago.. i have a few guns also, but since purchasing this gun the others have gotten a bit dusty and lacked attention.. because i really like this gun its great quality feels good to shoot and it looks awesome... i have to admit with the other reviews in saying that with a more powerful spring (very easy to swap!) than the original one it can be a little uncomfortable to cock... but that shouldnt put anyone off... you can easily get a extended handle from and it doesn't take long to come! i also bought the PSO-1 SVD scope with this gun and its awesome together they make a great gun! very accurate and looks and feels the part!...
just to add airsoft world provided me with a great service i placed my order over the phone about midday and it arrived the next day no problems not just that the person i spoke to was very very helpful ( im pretty new to airsoft!) and will look forward to future puchases! :)
SPECIAL OFFER! Two-Tone Concern Izhmash licensed Dragunov SVD airsoft sniper rifle (spring)
Review by
First up, massive thank you to the guys at airsoft world, who couldn't have been more helpful. You guys are amazing, first class service. Built the gun up for me in the shop, as order wasn't in when went to collect it (my fault - didn't check first)

Now for the gun. Should state that i am not a sniper, i am more a rifleman, that said however, i may change roles!
This is a seriously big gun, and is very well built - as Bert has said, you could do serious damage with this gun just by swinging it (have dropped it on my toes, so know it is very true!). It feels great in your hands, very solid, nicely balanced, although could be doing with the tripod.
I have only 1 issue with this gun, and that is that it seems to feed a few bbs through at once, making them roll out the end of the barrel, although it still seems to fire one everytime. (few come out the mag when released as well)
Again, as stated by Bert, you do have to clean barrel first (i read manual first), after that is just a case of point and shoot. Accuracy seems good, shots seem to group together well, although sights seem a little off even after adjustment, though that could just be me, as have seen others with this sniper and they seem very accurate. Hopefully heavier weight ammo will help.
I have put the upgraded spring in mine, and boy does it make it tough to pull back and load. But it is worth it for the power at the other end.

Am very glad that got this, solid, dependable, great looking and feeling sniper.
SPECIAL OFFER! Two-Tone Concern Izhmash licensed Dragunov SVD airsoft sniper rifle (spring)
Long green death machine!
Review by
To start with, this gun has amazing presence. You open the box and it just looks incredible! Completely solid, have read reviews of it being wobbly but I can honestly say you could take someone out just by swinging it at them.
The accuracy out of the box again was very impressive, owning an upgraded aeg with longer tightbore and upgraded hop-up, I didn't expect this to have much better accuracy, but wow. Every shot when the gun is fixed in place goes to nearly exactly the same spot over a good range. Skirmished with a few friends and they all wanted to use this. :)
You might be looking for a upgrades and thinking there aren't any but check out the website for their own made upgrades.

Currently have upgraded piston sear, with a hop up unit and bolt handle extender on the way :)

Now for the downsides
When I got this I immediately filled the magazine and went to work, only to find it wasn't firing or was just throwing bb's a few feet and i had to unjam a few... Started panicking and the read the instructions (something I should have began with) and it stated clearly I should clean barrel before use, once done and a hundred rounds through it it shot like a dream :)
The bolt, if using the more powerful spring (m140?) is very hard to pull back and can end up hurting the fingers used to pull it because the lever to hold on to is about an inch long (hence the bolt handle extender from airsoftpro)

All in all if you don't want to buy a ridiculously expensive rifle and don't want to join the hoards of l96/vsr users then look no further!
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