FD Total Grip Bipod - CNC'd Aluminium! -Black

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FD Total Grip Bipod - CNC'd Aluminium! -Black

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Very high quality forward grip with quick-release bipod. The grip splits in half to open and release the metal leg extensions which are 5-point adjustable at 1 to 5cm intervals. To fold again, close the grips together in your hand and press the twin leg release buttons together. Simple :)

The grip is black,not grey as in the image.

We've all seen 'grip-pods' but this is something completely different, a tactical grip with a serious bipod concealed within it. The bi-pod legs are adjustable for height and are made from CNC'd aluminium. Side plates on the grip can be removed to accommodate pressure switches and the RIS mount has a quick-detach feature although it also has a fixed bolt for super-secure mounting. Quality products don't come cheap, and this is no exception so snap it up while it's on special offer!
CODE FD total bipod grip
Weight (Kg) 1.0100
Manufacturer Silverback Airsoft
FD Total Grip Bipod - CNC'd Aluminium! -Black
Good, but has it's flaws.
Review by
I pretty much Echo the reviews from Andy and Mathias.

Very sturdy when attached to rails.
Quality made.
Very hefty and chunky.
Looks good on my SRC G36KV.

Deploys to a bipod very easily. Sometimes when you don't want it to by accidentally pushing the 2 buttons.
Folding it back up into a grip again isn't very "tactical".
The slots for switches aren't wide enough to properly fit any of my torch switches in.

FD Total Grip Bipod - CNC'd Aluminium! -Black
nice piece of kit
Review by
There is not much to add to Andy's review. This is a high quality, sturdy foregrip that doubles up as bipod at the press of two buttons. I use it on my L85 GBB. It looks and feels the part. It is somewhat bigger than other grips but then it's got the additional bipod function. It attaches very securely to any RIS rail without any wobble whatsoever. My criticism - apart from what Andy already mentioned about folding it back together - would be that the bipod deploys too easily by accidentally touching the buttons. Happened a couple of times to me already and that wasn't even in a skirmish situation. That and the steep pricetag but then you get what you pay for. Initially I ordered a foregrip bipod from 'cheapbbguns' which never arrived, still waiting fot reimbursement 2 months later - that's dearer!
FD Total Grip Bipod - CNC'd Aluminium! -Black
Nice piece of kit
Review by
Grabbed one of these to attach to the rails on my AGM HK416 overall a good piece of kit and I WOULD reccomend it but a couple of things to bear in mind:

- This is a pretty chunky grip. It's light but pretty big - 17cm from rail to tip and pretty wide. Will fit most hands comfortably but if you're looking for a low profile stubby grip this isn't it. On the other hand big scary tactical attachments might be just what you want :-)

- For the price you might expect it to be made of polymer. It is a good quality ABS plastic and feels very sturdy but it is plastic.

- When the legs are extended you can't comfortably use the grip. You might ask why you'd want to - but it does make quick transitions from prone to moving and back to prone less easy.

- The recesses for tail switches (one on each side) are a little tight - I tried 3 different switches and they don't slip in to the channel as you might expect. Still fine if you want to put some velcro in there though.
- Converting from bipod back to grip isn't the most intuitive action as you have to hold the two halves together, press the two release switches and then push the spring loaded legs back in at the same time. It's not too difficult but it doesn't feel natural either.

Sounds like lots of gripes but they're not really, this is good kit, just be sure you think carefully about whether the combo works for you and your weapon system. Locks very securely to the rail both with just the quick detach button and the more permanent securing bolt, shooter's choice. Reccomended if this is what you want for your style of play.
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