S-Thunder DOUBLE BARRELED Composite Grenade Launcher - Long

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    This product is not a RIF (Replica Imitation Firearm) and does not require VCRA/UKARA registration.

    S-Thunder is pleased to announce the availability of the new Double Barrel Pistol Grip Launcher for S-Thunder’s Gas Powered Grenade product line. It is also compatible with all M203 style 40mm grenades. The SB-03 Launcher is light weight but extremely durable, and only requires minimum trigger force to fire, even with CO2 grenades.

    The really impressive function of this scary looking 'BLASTER!' is the select fore system which enable you, at the flick of a switch, to select Blunderbuss Mode which fires both barrels at the same time OR if you set it to single shot, the launcher will fire one barrel with each of two trigger pulls in sequence - with a single trigger! Damned clever stuff :)

    As this is the long barreled version, it will fire all sizes of S-Thunder grenades and 99.9% of any other brand.

    AWESOME fun for CQB scenarios, especially using the foam balls at close range......BLAAAAAAMM!

    OK, I'll calm down now........ O-0