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S-Thunder Airsoft Grenade Red/Gold

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Solid build quality, very similar to Madbull's grenades. Can be filled with a combination of 6 or 8mm BBs for greater fun & confusion!

Charged with Top / Green Gas, the S-Thunder Airsoft Grenade can be filled with BB pellets, paintballs, pepper balls, powder balls or color powder and shoot these over great distances with a loud sounding bang. It can be used with any 40mm Launchers available in the market, or triggered by hand. The pellets or paintballs can stun the enemy and the colored powder can cause visual impediments to their movements. The unit is shipped with a standard core for Top / Green Gas, but can be used with high power gas including CO2 for more power by replacing the core with the High Power Replacement Core (ACC-XP02), sold separately.

Size: 4cm diameter, 11cm height
Filler: BB pellets, Paintballs, Colored Powder
Filler Volume: 80 BB Pellets, 7 x 11mm Paintballs or 4 x 17mm Paintballs
Powered by: Top / Green Gas
Sound Volume: 78-110dB
Effective Distance: 20-30m
Net Weight: 235g
Shipping Weight: 294g


Weight (Kg) 0.6500
Manufacturer S-Thunder
S-Thunder Airsoft Grenade Red/Gold
A Great Shell
Review by
Well made shell that is very easy to load. Will be buying more of these.
S-Thunder Airsoft Grenade Red/Gold
Get it!
Review by
If your gonna get a grenade, ignore the rest and get this type of grenade!
Easy to load and easy to fire, fits perfectly into a M203 launcher *Though with grenades be careful when taking it out after firing, I suggest having a hand ready to catch it*

It comes with a Co2 core so ready for Co2 out of the box and green gas.

Some of the best points of it are
Easy to load, just pour in the bbs or paintballs or Nerf bullet *it goes far and fast*
Easy to maintain
LOUD! Everyone will hear when you set it off both from the bang and the manical laughter following.
Good distance and spread

Only downside I saw was that when fueling it keep your hand half way down the shell otherwise the excess gas escaping as you fuel it will freeze the hand. *anyone who has a gas fueled gun or magzine already knows what I'm talking about*

Also I didn't order enough.
S-Thunder Airsoft Grenade Red/Gold
Best Shell in its price range
Review by
Great shell
Very well made
Easy to reset and gas
Easy to load
nice pop when fired
Came with CO2 core

I now own 4 of these and i have to say they are great to use.
Because they are quick to prepare they are a good choice for People on a budget as they can buy a couple and keep re-loading them,Rather than the usual ones that take forever.

You cannot find a better CO2 ready shell for this price

Another order coming your way soon A.W for a couple more of these and a CO2 adapter kit :)

S-Thunder Airsoft Grenade Red/Gold
A Solid Product :)
Review by
Firstly, what a great price; you'll notice that many grenades cost at least 50 pounds, so this a good alternative for those with slightly anorexic wallets ;)
Fits very well into my Grenade launcher, with minimum rattle.
The only problem I can say I've had is that of the two grenades I've bought from here, (both s-thunder) one doesn't hold any charge, and leaks gas as fast as you can inject it- I've made sure everything is tightened, but to no avail- shall I return the product or is there some simple solution? Other than that small, and from what I cannot find on the internet, isolated problem, a decent product :)
Thanks A.W.
S-Thunder Airsoft Grenade Red/Gold
Review by
This is the best all round grenade S-thunder make, good BB capacity and with the CO2 core mine came with is ideal for any situation, plenty of punch and quality for your money.It's also a doddle to load , try filling it with talc for a smoke screen effect.A very adictive piece of kit.
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