Rebuild - ICS WW2 M3 Grease Gun - Metal Airsoft SMG

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    Rebuilt ICS-200-1

    A classic WW2 SMG that surprisingly looks a bit like a grease gun.

    This is the metal version that's 100 times better than the ARES. Why? Well, this version houses the battery in the gun and not in the magazine.

    Unfortunately, this one had a battle with the courier (got to love those guys) and lost. However after some TLC, it's back from the grave!

    You can see the damage from the pictures where the ejection port lever got buckled and scored the body on just the one side. The other side, pristine! Now we could have covered that in black marked (like the Chinese manufacturers do to hide blemishes...), or used some paint but we thought it's better to be honest and let you see it.

    The outer barrel also got dislodged however as this does absolutely nothing, we loctited it in place (the inner barrel and hop comes out after you split the body and remove the gearbox).

    So grab a bargain and grab a cheap one of these as lets face it, it'll probably get more scored through use!

    Supplied with a 6 month warranty for peace of mind!