Real Sword Type 97B Chinese Army Compact AEG Airsoft Rifle

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Real Sword

Real Sword Type 97B Chinese Army Compact AEG Airsoft Rifle

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A 1:1 scale replica of the current Chinese military CQB assault rifle . If you would like a real deactivated version that doubles up as a high-end tournament spec. airsoft rifle - you don't need to look any further. Manufactured to the same exacting standards as the real firearm, including the nylon composite and steel build, 100% accurate field-stripping. You will get a better picture from the manufacturers web site Real Sword



The latest batch they sent us ALL have an orange tip to the flash hider. As this is steel, the paint can be removed :)

Quite simply these are the best built, best presented airsoft guns we have seen - ever. You expect a bit of hyperbole from us but never has a product deserved it the way that Real Sword guns do. It really is like holding and handling a real-steel weapon - the weight, the solidity the incredible attention to detail. With each gun you'll find a factory chrono reading along with Quality Inspection stamps for the whole manufacturing process. Manuals that tell you what you need to know in clear language. Tools to help you service and maintain your gun should it be required. Real Sword may do a limited model range but if they did everything the rest of the world's manufacturers would just give up! There are internet rumours about which mags do & do not work with these - we have tested the following and found them to fit & feed fine: Beta 75 round P-Mags 120 round metal mid caps G&G 450 round hi caps Most 300 round Chinese hi caps
Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 360+
Magazine Capacity 150
Fire Selector Semi / Fully Automatic
Hop Up Yes
Powered By Electric (Battery)
Gearbox Style Version III
Manufacturer Real Sword
Weight (Kg) 5.1000
Real Sword Type 97B Chinese Army Compact AEG Airsoft Rifle
Believe the hype
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I can only echo the previous reviews. Build quality is insane (brick outhouse comes to mind). Ergonomics are excellent. Performs like a champ.

Despite being such a short gun this has insane range and accuracy, and thats out of the box! Some people hate the looks others love it. However the performance still drops jaws.
Quick spring change is fantastic. 3 screws and the spring guide and spring are out. Hop unit and inner barrel excellent.
Only niggles for me are battery space and mag release. I sorted the mag release issue with a GBB m4 ambi mag catch that needed a little dremmel work to fit but works like a dream. Only other mods have been a bearing spring guide (systema v3 with back plate switched out) and a rewire with a standard mosfet.
As for battery space....Lipo is the way to go. Do your measuring right and you can bet a beefy 7.4v lipo in there.

I have and have owned many guns in my time and this is still my go to gun. It is well respected as well by those that have come up against it.

One last point, have had no issues with feeding. I use both lonex and isoft flash mags and both feed flawlessly.

The pricetag may be a little high for some but it is worth every single penny.
Real Sword Type 97B Chinese Army Compact AEG Airsoft Rifle
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first off. build quality is unbelivable. everything is so well made. chronod at 310 for me. great for mid and close quarters. the hop is a bit fiddley and it just constantly jammed on me, even resulting in us loosing game, but i think that was just feeding issues with the magazine, even though i was using the official realsword mags. other than that, for beauty, autenticity and sheer head turning awesomeness (and the whole "oh wow, i want one of those" factor) this is fantastic. some breaking in should do it good.
Real Sword Type 97B Chinese Army Compact AEG Airsoft Rifle
Review by
First off what a gem of an AEG,the weight is so well balanced and the cycle rate with the realsword 9.6v battery is very nice..
The gun is made of the highest quality body parts..
The inner barrel is 4ins longer than M4/G36c ones..
Changeable flash hider 14mm thread..
battery compartment is very tight/and needs modifying..

Real Sword Type 97B Chinese Army Compact AEG Airsoft Rifle
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This rifle turns an average skirmisher in to a super hero, the range is incredible especially when you consider that the guns chrono at around 300 fps. You need this in your life, men will want to be you and women will want to be with you.
Compatible Batteries
Ultra Thin LiPo 7.4v 1300mAh 2Leg£11.95OOS
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