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Real Sword

Real Sword Type 97 Chinese Armed forces AEG Airsoft Rifle

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A 1:1 scale replica of the current Chinese military assault rifle . If you would like a real deactivated version that doubles up as a high-end tournament spec. airsoft rifle - you don't need to look any further. Manufactured to the same exacting standards as the real firearm, including the nylon composite and steel build, 100% accurate field-stripping. You will get a better picture from the manufacturers web site Real Sword Quite simply these are the best built, best presented airsoft guns we have seen - ever. You expect a bit of hyperbole from us but never has a product deserved it the way that Real Sword guns do. It really is like holding and handling a real-steel weapon - the weight, the solidity the incredible attention to detail. With each gun you'll find a factory chrono reading along with Quality Inspection stamps for the whole manufacturing process. Manuals that tell you what you need to know in clear language. Tools to help you service and maintain your gun should it be required. Real Sword may do a limited model range but if they did everything the rest of the world's manufacturers would just give up! There are internet rumours about which mags do & do not work with these - we have tested the following and found them to fit & feed fine: Beta 75 round P-Mags 120 round metal mid caps G&G 450 round hi caps Most 300 round Chinese hi caps
Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 300+
Magazine Capacity 150
Battery Connector Mini Tamiya
Fire Selector Semi / Fully Automatic
Hop Up Yes
Powered By Electric (Battery)
Gearbox Style Version III
Manufacturer Real Sword
Weight (Kg) 5.1000
Real Sword Type 97 Chinese Armed forces AEG Airsoft Rifle
The culmination of a lot of research
Review by
This rifle is my weapon of choice.

First off, the short version:
Awsome, bullpub, solid, good stock performance, cool looking, upgrade friendly. :P

Among all the rifles i choose this for several reasons, ill mention the below in priority order:

1. Its a bullpub
To me a bullpub is just so nice, it ads precision, looks cool and is manageable. Even when built into a massive 71cm. innerbarrel sniper as i plan to. (i know since i mounted the silencer, have been sneaking around the house when no one else is at home ^^)

2. Its VERY solid.
Or at leat the shell is, whether the gearbox and other internals are will have to prove itself with time, but as far as ANY rewiew i have read online prior to purchase, its rock solid too. All the parts that are not polymer are steel. Exept from the reciever/gearbox housing, wich is from what they call duramilium.. Well when i first pcked it up and tried to fit my M4 mags, they fell out, so i took out the magweel release/lock and started filing.. it took a long time, its either steel or duramiluim is very hard.

3. Its upgrade friendly.
Who wants to buy a gun for a small fortune and then go spend annother small fortune or even more to get upgrade internals and possibly even have them installed at a workshop. With this gun you just need to get what you would like, as the stock will perform just fine with most anny upgrade.. No need to change all of it just because you put a stronger spring, wich is possible to do in 10 min.
To get all the R.I.S you can dream of, sinply mount them above the front grip in the holes allready there or dremmel them annywhere on the body.. Its polymer so i would go for polimer rails wich are availible and chaep. Also, since the barrel is steel, just slap on a barrel mount for tactical handels and so on. Even if you decide to upgrade internals, its nice to know that the shell will last.

4.The price is just right..
At this price you could get a medicore rifle of any other variant, or a realy nice spring powered gun. If you go for a smg i guess you would also be quite well off at this budget. But being a rifle this has quite a few pros when compared to the popular M4, all of wich are mentioned above. (well that is my opinion annyhow.)

Well, that was it, my opinion on this. This one will last while i save enough dough to get a Polarstar in there for the ultimate sniper experience.

Real Sword Type 97 Chinese Armed forces AEG Airsoft Rifle
My new favourite AEG
Review by
This is an amazing rifle, it feels great in your hands and performs well in a skirmish.

My only issue with this gun is battery space, as I have yet to see the battery that fits this gun anywhere on the website.
Real Sword Type 97 Chinese Armed forces AEG Airsoft Rifle
Type 97
Review by
Been looking at this for some time now. Finally got one and it's amazing. Feels rely good in you hands and very comfortable. The iron sights are a bit hard to aim with but i use the rail to put a red dot making it very easy to use. Only problem is the battery, as it sits in the pistol grip makes it a Little tricky to find one that fits for my game today i taped a larger batter to the side which worked, until I pulled the connecter off the fuse which is an easy fix. In all a very well made rifle well worth the price.
Real Sword Type 97 Chinese Armed forces AEG Airsoft Rifle
Awesome bit of kit
Review by
Very pleased. I ordered this and it arrived within a day. Real Sword make super quality guns and I can't fault the type 97. It's an awesome bit of kit and beautifully made. Can't wait to take it out on the field.
Compatible Batteries
Ultra Thin LiPo 7.4v 1300mAh 2Leg£11.95
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