Pulse Armaments B1 Variable Timing Training Device - .209 Primer Blank Firing Device

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Made in the UK? Yes, seriously!

Solid alloy construction, this used .209 primers to simulate everyone's favourite thing in airsoft - a dummy grenade! Unlike others on the market, Pulse Armaments have designed in a variable timer on the top. Takes a little setting up and getting used to however you can indeed vary the amount of time before it goes boom ;)

Each carries a unique serial number inside the chamber so you know which is yours! what's more, batch two have new engraving on the spoon and new timer markings on the timer adjust :)


  • We recommend under-arm release only. Throwing these could cause serious injury!
  • The NEW “Pulse Armaments B1” is the most anticipated and desired Blank Firing Grenade of all airsofters and tactical operators alike. 
    Offering all of the usual features of simple, rugged design that you can rely on, the B1 mixes ease of operation with adjustable timing. Lightweight and compact, B1 allows the user to fit the grenade almost anywhere in their loadout and at a moment’s notice can deploy the grenade. With the ability to endlessly adjust timing, B1 can be used as a 0.01 second tripwire mine, a 1 second flash bang, a 5 second frag grenade, or a 10 second bug out distraction grenade so that whatever your requirements, B1 is the grenade for you!
    Any grenade lover will tell you about the benefits of having a grenade in your arsenal. However, with B1, you have the option of using one grenade in 4 or more different scenarios. The only limit is your imagination! There is nothing stopping you setting a long timer, tying a piece of string around the device and lowering it down a stairwell to surprise the enemy below without giving them a head injury. No more worrying about whether your impact grenade will set off, just set your B1 timing to a desired time and slide it round the corner giving the enemy no time to escape, unlike other timed devices that give your enemy enough time to make a brew.
    For those of you who are worried about noise restrictions, B1 uses the much loved .209 Shotgun Primer which delivers a positive bang without waking the dead. Although if you are someone who really likes to give your opponents long lasting hearing damage for fun, future options will be available with .380 blank holders which will be compatible with your grenade.
    Pulse Armaments B1 Features:
    • Zero - 75 second delay time
    • Trip mine, Flashbang or Frag grenade timing
    • Aircraft Grade Aluminium Base
    • High grade engineering polymer body
    • Advanced CNC machined components
    • Suitable for Urban, Woodland or CQB
    • Takes .209 shotgun primer blanks
    • Unique Serial Number
    • Size: 45mm Diameter x 135mm High (realistic flashbang size)
CODE Pulse Armaments B1
Weight (Kg) 0.3500
Manufacturer Pulse Armaments
Pulse Armaments B1 Variable Timing Training Device - .209 Primer Blank Firing Device
What makes the Pulse B1 stand out against other airsoft grenades?
Review by
As a firm believer that grenades are incredibly useful on the airsoft field, I've tried my fair share over my time airsofting. The first grenade I bought was (like many people) a gas powered impact grenade. This caused me nothing but problems, the gas was relatively expensive and although it propelled bbs, people tended to not notice it going off. By far the biggest issue was the impact system. It was unreliable at best and often required a hard throw onto a hard surface in order to detonate, a problem at woodland sites where the ground is almost always too soft.
After this failure, I looked into new options and discovered delay grenades powered by .209 primers. These seemed to be the solution; primers are cheap but reliable and a delay system would ensure that the grenade fired every time. I purchased one and used it for around a year. Although it worked, there were several fundamental issues that led to inefficiency on the field. The most significant was the timed system. Although it fired, it was fixed to a 5 second delay. The result of this was that deploying the grenade was slow and often felt clunky. I have tried several similar grenades with similar results.
When I first found the Pulse Armaments B1 on Instagram, I was instantly interested as it appeared to be an innovative device that fixed the flaws I had experienced in other grenades.
I have now been running my B1 for 7 months and it has surpassed my expectations. First, the variable delay system. Reliable even in the softest, wettest conditions and being able to change the delay quickly to best fit any given situation is fantastic. I usually have mine set to a 1.5 second delay and if I need to, I will add to the delay before deploying the grenade. This system is reliable and I've had no misfires despite the hundreds of primers I have put through it. The body of the B1 is solid and has withstood the test of time (and many impacts with hard surfaces). The Flashbang-esque dimensions and appearance both look great on equipment and feel good in the hand. A nice feature is that the firing pin is easy to depress (unlike other options I have tried) which allows for fast reloads, even if under fire. My B1 has quickly become one of my favourite pieces of equipment and playing without it feels like I'm missing a limb.
I can't recommend this product enough, its an absolute game changer and a worthy addition to any loadout.
Pulse Armaments B1 Variable Timing Training Device - .209 Primer Blank Firing Device
Great sturdy grenade
Review by
A really nice grenade well worth the money .. see my YouTube review

My first ever review on youtube ..
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