Northeast Airsoft STEN MkII (Late version) GBB Airsoft Rifle - Blued finish

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We like our WWII period weapons here and when the rumours of a GBB (Gas Blow-back) STEN  under development, we kept our ears to the ground and went hunting. And boy, did it pay off! As a result, we'd like to introduce you to the latest member of the Gas Blow-back family made by a brand new manufacturer!

Northeast have definitely started with a bang. Well packaged in layered cardboard, the small unassuming box weighs in at around 4.1Kg. Upon opening and lifting out the manual and top cardboard sheet, you are presented with three shaped cut-outs holding the magazine, stock and main body. Each is wrapped in a thick polythene bag to further protect them.

Upon assembly you will be impressed with the feel and heft. The magazine takes 7-8 seconds to fill with gas fully and once BB's have been added, she shoots and fires brilliantly. Should you wish to strip and service her, this can be achieved with no tools as she field strips just like the real thing! The magazine is accessed by unscrewing the heat shield and pulling out the outer barrel assembly with the hop adjust wheel being accessed through a slot machined into the outer barrel.

This is a stunning reproduction of the later version of the MkII STEN which had the 'hour-glass' working safety cocking handle, previous models had no safety mechanism at all!. Anyone who is a fan of the real thing will appreciate owning one of these.


You can see the unboxing video we took here!

  • Full Steel - Blued finish
    • Body
    • Skeleton 'para' Stock
    • Magwell
    • Outer barrel
    • Heat shield
    • Trigger
    • Magazine Casing
  • Stamped Magwell Top and Bottom
  • Stamped Stock
  • Real-Steel Disassembly
  • Uses a VSR Hop Rubber and VSR Styled Inner Barrel!


  • Full Steel means it may have sharp edges!
  • KEEP YOUR FINGERS away from the ejection port!
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to the increased demand and short supply of Northeast STEN guns, we cannot offer any discount on these at all. Only Target Points can be redeemed and gained through purchase.
CODE Northeast STEN MKII-Late
Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 340+
Approx Range 40M+
Barrel Length 175mm
Magazine Capacity 32rds
Fire Selector Semi / Fully Automatic
Blowback Yes
Hop Up Adjustable
Hop-Up Adjuster Rotary
Powered By Gas (Magazine)
Gas Compatibility Green Gas
Construction Steel
Split Gearbox Design Not Applicable
Gearbox Electronic Trigger Not Applicable
Manufacturer Northeast Airsoft
Weight (Kg) 4.3000
Northeast Airsoft STEN MkII (Late version) GBB Airsoft Rifle - Blued finish
Sten Mk 11
Review by
A superb reproduction of this vastly underrated sub machine gun that over the years has be called a pile of junk - and a lot worst, but it was a gun that was that was readily available when our armies and allies needed it the most. With proper care and maintenance it was very reliable weapon, its weak point being the magazine. Over the years I have handled many Sten guns, and this matches up to the original extremely well. Although I have never fired a Sten, the recoil matches up to my recollections of using the Sterling smg. Firing at bulls from 15 yards or so, accuracy of the replica isn't that great. But so what? The original was designed as a close quarter weapon - not a target pistol! But this replica is a hell of a lot of fun to use! My only concern is the breech block. Being made from aluminium alloy, just how durable will it prove to be? It would be nice to know that at some time in the future there will be spares available.
Northeast Airsoft STEN MkII (Late version) GBB Airsoft Rifle - Blued finish
Is this the most realistic airsoft gun ever
Review by
All steel with an authentic dull black 'blued' finish, one hefty piece with a pretty dramatic, snappy action. Faultless attention to detail, 'STEN MkII' stamped on top of mag well and on the underside an FK prefixed serial, as appeared on Fazakerly-made Stens, and 'HF & Co Ltd', as many sub-contractors names appear on Fazakerly (and other makers) Stens, whether HF & Co were a genuine co, as many parts manufacturers of the time have long gone, can't say but certainly looks the part, oh and there's the broad arrow too. Even the welds are as crude as on originals. Bolt features a dummy extractor. The mag has the greyish Parkerised-type finish identical to an original ww2 Sten mag I have. For Sten fans this gun is a must have. Fast and faultless service from Airsoft World (why aren't all retailers this good?). Most realistic Sten ever, yes, most realistic airsoft gun full stop? Can't think of better.
Northeast Airsoft STEN MkII (Late version) GBB Airsoft Rifle - Blued finish
Sten mk2 gbb
Review by
I've been waiting for umarex to bring one out as I have a mp40 (air pistol) however it's only semi automatic so doesn't really cut it.
Decided to go with this Northeast STEN MK2 and yes like everyone else that's reviewed it, it's brilliant in every way. Puts the mp40 to shame.

Thank you Airsoft World
Northeast Airsoft STEN MkII (Late version) GBB Airsoft Rifle - Blued finish
Review by
There’s really not anything I can add to the two previous reviewers, they have covered it very well. All I can say is I’m very very pleased I decided to buy one. I am very keen on military history, especially WW2 and this Sten MK2 is a beautiful addition to my collection of period Airsoft guns.

As the previous reviewers have said, take the plunge and buy one, you will not be disappointed.
Great service from AirsoftWorld as always, thank you.
Northeast Airsoft STEN MkII (Late version) GBB Airsoft Rifle - Blued finish
Just Plain Awesome!!!!!
Review by
I LOVE IT!!!!! It's a dream come true, the attention to detail is just plain amazing. Side by side to to the Original Sten MK 'll it's identical in every aspect except. It doesn't fire live 9mm ammo. It's all steel construction, the stamping the welds and the hefty weight of this open bolt gas blowback operated machine gun is a testament to it's quality, value and durability just like the real thing!!!!! Five Stars !!!!!
Northeast Airsoft STEN MkII (Late version) GBB Airsoft Rifle - Blued finish
Wow !
Review by
FECK ! This is a BEAST.
It’s HEAVY , It’s all steel , except for the bolt which is aluminium alloy. it looks ,feels and functions just like the real steel. And it’s loud. The recoil is very good , probably as hard as the real one , which is quite manageable and not at all excessive .
It strips exactly like the real sten with the tiny exception of the lack of a ratchety noise if you unscrew the barrel nut without turning the mag housing downwards.
Of course , if a soldier in World War Two had done that without first turning the mag housing out of the way and got the ratchet noise I expect his corporal would have kicked his arse. A bit like pulling the car handbrake up without pressing the button first.
Northeast have made this sten gun to the same or better standard than the original . The welding looks a bit neater than the wartime production.The copying is almost EXACT, so much so that they even copied the de-activation proof mark on the mag housing ! I don’t suppose they knew what it means. Looks cool though. All the correct markings are there.
I believe that real steel accessories such as a pistol grip and different stocks will fit with a little work with a dremmel.
I think this mk2 sten gun is an absolute stunner , it only arrived an hour or so ago and I can hardly put it down.
If you get one you won’t be disappointed.
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