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    The STEN MK.2 Long Branch Airsoft replica is modelled on the Canadian manufactured version (1941-44) of the British Mk.2 Sten which was made by Small Arms Ltd in Long Branch, Ontario as an back-up reserve of firepower to assist in finishing the war. Almost 150,000 were produced at a reported cost of $9 each.

    This airsoft replica is based on a variant of the Canadian Long Branch Arsenal STEN Mk. 2, ordered by the Chinese Nationalist Government, and distinctively bears Chinese characters on the top of the magazine housing. 72,882 were produced at Long Branch as aid to the Republic of China (although not all were delivered) during the Second World War.

    It was similar to the British-made Mk. 2, using interchangeable parts and components, but made with smoother edges, better tolerances, and an overall higher production quality. Some features that identify a Canadian-made STEN are use of spot welding (instead of arc welding) and the finished weld on the magazine housing being polished, as seen on the STEN Mk. 5.

    The Chinese character markings on the magazine housing are:

    Top line - “si deng”, phonetic reading of “STEN”;

    Second line - “shou ti ji qiang”, which means “submachine gun” (literally “portable machine gun”); Bottom line - “jia nada zao”, meaning “Made in Canada”.

    After the war ended, the civil war in China erupted, and these STEN guns wound up in the hands of both Nationalist and Communist forces. The Nationalist Government retreated to Taiwan and issued these Canadian lend-lease STEN guns (and its erstwhile homegrown clone, the Model 38 SMG) to army frogmen, military police, civilian police, and the local civil defense forces stationed on outlying islands.

    Any ROC-owned examples of this weapon that survived both the Second World War and the Chinese Civil War are now stored in the Ordnance Readiness and Development Center (ORDC) of the ROC Armed Forces. Chinese-marked Mk. 2 STEN guns were also captured from communist forces during the Korean War and the Malayan Emergency.

    It is believed that the serial numbers of Chinese-marked STEN guns starts with 9L and 10L, which is an incredibly rare sight in civilian gun markets around the world. Thus it was assumed that most STENs with these numbers went to China. This was eventually substantiated by sources provided by the ORDC. These sources and others also showed that the majority of these Canadian-made, Chinese-marked STEN guns that were actually used in the Chinese theater were 1944-dated, and that most 1945-dated STEN guns remained in Canada and were sent elsewhere. Therefore, Northeast Airsoft has opted to stamp our quality replicas with a 1944 date.

    The total number of production units was 149,905 guns, distributed as following:

    Canadian Forces: 65,160

    UK: 9,781

    Mutual Aid, Republic of China: 72,882

    Mutual Aid, USSR: 2

    Mutual Aid, Free French: 1,400

    Other: 680

    Many didn't make it to Europe (or China) as they were lost at sea as a result of the German attacks on merchant marine ships supplying the Allied Armed forces.