Pre-orders ONLY

Just as it says in the category description; this is a list of airsoft products which have been confirmed as loaded into container and are on their way to our warehouses.

You have a chance here to get your hands on either long-awaited restock or brand-new products to the market.

The EXPECTED date of arrival will be indicated in the top line of the item description. It is not 100% accurate as delays in the ship docking, offloading, customs clearance and delivery to our warehouse very rarely run like clockwork.

Please be aware: once you have ordered stock from this pre-order list, you have paid for the goods and they are then reserved for you. We will therefore NOT offer any refunds on pre-orders unless:

  • (a) the goods are delayed for more than 14 days after the advertised arrival date.
  • (b) the goods are delivered damaged or faulty.
  • (c) the goods are sufficiently different than the item description on our web site (excluding fps claims).


We have found it necessary to enforce a no-refund policy due to the number of customers who 'impulse-buy' without considering any of the factors involved and subsequently cancel their orders at the last minute after we have already refused the goods to several other customers.

Please do NOT order additional products with a pre-order as (non pre-order) stock levels can fluctuate which can cause problems when the pre-order item finally becomes available. (Phew! Did you follow that? :D)

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