*NEW* Burst Wizard 3 MOSFET with MILSIM!

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    The latest all singing, all dancing SuperFET from Burst Wizard. Not only does it have all the standard features of the Super 2 MOSFET, they have added MILSIM features for added realism! Then, to save you the time and effort they add a mini pluf onto the trigger wire meaning it can be unplugged when hard wired in!!!

    Milsim added features:

    • The only real steel way to adjust the ROF of every AEG to make them fire and sound like a real gun (around 15 to 20 rounds per second).

    • Full 100% battery power to cycle the gear box when firing each BB just like a real steel and allow you to set the pause time in between BB firing in 0.005 second increments. The result is the smoothest real steel like firing experience you can get from an airsoft AEG!

    • Real Steel like bullet counting and magazine capacity setting. The BW3 records every BB fired in semi-auto, burst and full-auto firing modes to give you real steel like capacity setting. Once the magazine capacity is reached, a pre-programmed fixed delay locks the gun from firing to simulate the magazine change time. Alternatively, a micro switch can be installed into your AEG allow manual resetting for even more real steel like experience.

    • Fire up to 3 rounds of x-y-z burst to hit 3 targets with one pull of the trigger! Much faster trigger response and realism than pulling the trigger 3 times or spraying aimlessly in full-atuo! ( You know who you are... ;) )   x,y,z can be set from 1 to 9 with a delay between bursts of 0.02 second and up. Fire a real steel speed 3 round burst using 1rd-1rd-1rd for each burst or fire any combination of your choice: 3rd-3rd-3rd, 3rd-2rd-1rd, 2rd-2rd-2rd, 3rd-3rd, 2rd-2rd, 1rd-1rd........ you decide!

    Kong do it again with this monster Burst Wizard update and a must if you're looking to upgrade with a MOSFET.

    As low as £44.95