NEW! Army Armament R17 (17) 3rd Generation GBB Airsoft pistol - Black

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The Tokyo Marui 17 is considered to be one of the most accurate replicas, ever, with a shooting quality that is recognised as the best out of the box airsoft Glk copy, period.

Army Armament, a long running Chinese manufacturer have massively upped their game in both quality and consistency and have now directly cloned the Tokyo Marui 17, calling it the R17

So just like the TM version, this is a full polymer build with all the necessary trigger and innards in metal. This one however, is just about a THIRD of the price of the Tokyo Marui!

The Army Armament R17 is fully TM compatible and accepts all TM spares and mags, as well as WE, as theirs is also a TM clone.

Less than £60?? Mental......

"Key Features"

  • 3rd Generation style of railed frame with an integrated 20mm rail.
  • Matte black finish to help reduce the reflection of light.
  • Night sights included: The R17 is shipped with phosphorescent type Night sights.
  • Powerful blowback.
  • Die-cast magazine: 23rd.

Full 12 month warranty if used with Ultra gas ( ). these will run on Green Gas however we will not warranty the Gas Chambers/Gas Chamber spring from failure using Green Gas!

CODE iw 110004
Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 260+
Approx Range 50M+
Magazine Capacity 23/25
Suggested BB Weight 0.20
Fire Selector Semi-Automatic
Blowback Yes
Hop Up Adjustable
Powered By Gas (Magazine)
Gas Compatibility 144a, Abbey Ultra, Green Gas
Construction Nylon Fiber/Polymer
Manufacturer Army Armament
Weight (Kg) 1.1000
NEW! Army Armament R17 (17) 3rd Generation GBB Airsoft pistol - Black
Review by
This is a very good starter pistol the price is excellent and surprised me with the quality the blow back has a nice kick. It's full plastic but it feels solid and sturdy it wont break on your first time using it like other cheap gas pistols. The fps ranges from 300 to 260 being the lowest due to the gas emptying over each shot. This is good for any indoor skirmishes. I got it in two tone snake skin and it looks very nice I like how they dont put it in a bright colour like orange or blue it's nice and dark and wont give your position away. Someone mentioned the safety is stuck it's not the safety is underneath the gun where the safety normally is on the side that releases the slide to ajust the hop up. Overall the gun is very nice and would recommend for a first gun. The sights are green and glow in the dark which is cool the magazine gives it most of the weight but the weight is nice. Hope this helps give a better description. : )
NEW! Army Armament R17 (17) 3rd Generation GBB Airsoft pistol - Black
Simple GBB Glock
Review by
Received mine quickly in two tone Black/Blue snake finish. Build quality for the price is great, genuinely feels like a real authentic glock. Slide is smooth firing and has a great blowback recoil on each shot. Pre installed nightsights work great, very accurate even during the day. Well worth the money for the product.
NEW! Army Armament R17 (17) 3rd Generation GBB Airsoft pistol - Black
Good pistol for the price
Review by
You won’t find any GBB pistols cheaper than this and I have to say the quality is better than I anticipated. Well certainly don’t expect metal body and nice finishes. The body and slide is all plastic but the grip feels alright. The performance is solid. Only small issue is the safety which doesn’t seem to work (it is stuck) but doesn’t affect firing.

Don’t expect this to be comparable to TM pistols, you get what you pay for but this pistol is worth the price. Perfect budget pistol.

Also, Airsoft world’s service is excellent, two-toning was perfectly done, giving it a tactical appearance unlike toy-looks on other retailers’ two tones.
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