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Manufacturer Vapex

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Lithium Polymer Batteries (Li-Po / LiPo)

- (Vapex)

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High-capacity battery packs.

Please read up on LiPo packs before purchasing.

The 1000mAh LiPo is very small and designed to fit the AGM / ASG Sten

The 2200mAh is a direct replacement for the 8.4v Mini battery pack

The 2600mAh 2Leg is a direct replacement for a standard Crane Stock Mini battery pack

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LiPo cells pack a much greater wallop into a smaller package than conventional Ni-Mh or Ni-Cd cells, however these are not for the beginner! On tests, the 7.4v packs are kicking out the same Rate of Fire as our 8.4v mini packs!

Never charge these unattended.
Charge on a fire-proof surface.
Charge using a balance charger ONLY.

Customer Reviews

Lithium Polymer Batteries (Li-Po / LiPo)
Can't go wrong with these.Review by
I purchased the 7.4v 2600mAh 2Leg for my BOLT SOPMOD CQB-R and its been perfect for it.
It has lasted for a full day of airsoft and still had charge to spare. It is obviously big enough for a 2 leg stock, I have problems fitting this and the MOSFET into the stock that comes with my RIF and its a real tight fit, almost so tight I don't like using the MOSFET for a full day in fear something will get crushed or too hot etc.

Charges well and hasn't exploded on me yet.

Lithium Polymer Batteries (Li-Po / LiPo)
spectacularReview by

I use this battery in my Ics l85a2

and it can last 7h fully charged ( a full skirmish day)
its very small an will fit in most aeg's

there are no negatives about this battery

its perfect!
Lithium Polymer Batteries (Li-Po / LiPo)
So Far So GoodReview by
Just had this item a week but seems to be what the doctor ordered.
Lithium Polymer Batteries (Li-Po / LiPo)
very nice!Review by
Excellent product, lasts for ages and has plenty of power. Very high quality and comes in a neat box with an extensive information leaflet.
Lithium Polymer Batteries (Li-Po / LiPo)
ExcellentReview by
Bought one for my G&G GC-16. Lasts for the entire day and still has plenty of power. Unless you want to bring multiple batteries to a skirm, this does the trick.

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