Delivery Estimate

    Pre-Order Arrival Date 17/05/21
    Pre-Order Arrival Date 17/05/21
    *Subject to delays
    MK.48 LMG AEG MOD.0

    Expected arrival is mid April 2021 - just in time to shoot COVID into oblivion.

    The new full steel Mk48 LMG's are under the brand Lambda Defence and manufactured Taiwan.

    • The finer details:
      5000rd auto wind electric box mag. It activates when the trigger is pulled.

    • Full length polymer stock. Single press button QD removable.

    • The gun itself is all steel, weighing a real-steel 11Kg

    • The gearbox battery is factory wired to the box mag but can be changed to the front heat-shield if required. The box mag will accept most sized batteries but AK-type stick batteries are too long. It's a mini Tamiya connector.

    • We don't recommend swimming with it, you may die.

    • New hardened stainless steel gears.

    Availability is the end of March/start of April and will be shipping from Taiwan in two weeks by sea. If anyone wants one quicker, we can air freight in two weeks which will bump the price by £150 each. Yup, that's the difference in shipping costs between air and sea freight!

    Spare box mags are around £120 and in line with the gun quality, are practically real-steel spec. No crappy A&K style plastic gears and pubes for wires, this is a new high-end design that will impress and last. The mag feeds directly into the gun, no springs or tubes to mess around with. Think of it as just a massive, normal mag that eats full bags of BB's in one load.

    The steel finish of the gun is the same as the real one, which is QPQ - Quench Polish Quench (Google it :)) which increases the abrasion resistance, hardness and corrosion resistance of steel. It's basically the newer high-tech version of blued steel with additional benefits. You will still need to take care of it as if it were a real Mk48, otherwise you could see staining and rust spots appear if you don't clean it properly after use. If you've seen or own an HSS drill bit, that's the same type of finish.

    What you are getting for your money is a shedload of attention to detail, design and quality control. You will not see anything closer to the real steel weapon than this replica from Lambda Defense.

    Not for players who complain about exercise! Definitely for the Moobsters who now resemble a roast in a string vest due to Lockdown Couch Syndrome. Just like me.....