KWC Desert Eagle 50AE CO2 Airsoft Pistol Black

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Based on the IWI Desert Eagle in real life, this copy has a metal upper with polymer frame and is not for the small handed! It has the mass / weight distribution and kick from the CO2 power source to make it feel right in your hands. Add in a nice crisp trigger pull / mag release to help this perform with the best of them.

The top rail is indeed 20mm however the curved beveling around the edges means that it will not necessarily fit all rail attach type optics, so it will take a little trial and error to get the best fit. With 21 rounds and 420+ fps, it's no snub nose pocket gun either. With CO2, it shoots very stably with clean straight lines over close range. The fixed iron sight is good enough but if you do manage to put a red dot on it then you have yourself a corridor clearing compact cannon.

Note: These are no-longer supplied with trades.

Scare the hell out of your opponents by pointing this pocket cannon at them during a skirmish!

CODE SP090505
Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 420+
Approx Range 40m
Barrel Length 110mm
Magazine Capacity 21rd
Fire Selector Semi-Automatic
Blowback Yes
Hop Up Adjustable
Powered By Gas (Cartridge)
Gas Compatibility CO2
Manufacturer KWC
Weight (Kg) 2.1800
Included Extras Starter BB Pellets
KWC Desert Eagle 50AE CO2 Airsoft Pistol Black
grate but
Review by
first things first this is a amazing gun you gotta love a deagle now saying that when i got mine i had some problems as the piston and the barral are both lose and wobble and rattle around and the floating valve just slides back and forth on its own and the mag as a very very small mobble nothing all to big but you know

Glad you like the Desert Eagle!

To cover your points, the Barrel is supposed to be slightly loose based on the way it is manufactured and the Piston (Gas Chamber) is also loose as these are not meant to be a tight fit on any airsoft pistol. The Desert Eagle model also is the only one made by all manufacturers (that I know of) where the Flute Valve has no spring, so it will float about as you say (Tokyo Marui designed it this way for some reason and everyone else just copies this). As for the magazine, there are few airsoft pistols where the magazine is rock solid in the pistol grip.

Hope this helps clarify things for you!
KWC Desert Eagle 50AE CO2 Airsoft Pistol Black
Awesome but upset
Review by
I need to start with the positives it's a great gun some kick. But a it shoots well over any skirmishable level at 420fps. So buy the Tokyo marui
KWC Desert Eagle 50AE CO2 Airsoft Pistol Black
Great gun overall but not perfect!!!!
Review by
Let me just start by saying I am a collector first and target plinker second and I have never ever attended a skirmish event. So lets start with the realism. This pistol is fairly accurate in terms of appearance and markings, thakfully there are no "made in Taiwan" marks printed on the slide. The markings are more directed at the Magnum Research angle rather than the IMI trades. There is no actual calibre on the markings (.50AE) anywhere which is a shame and the grips have the Magnum Research "Avian" logos rather than IMI logos but to shooters all this is probably nonsense anyway so let's go onto the construction:

Firstly this gun is not as heavy as I expected. It feels the same as a WE 1911 which is good for players but for realism this area just fails. The plastic lower IS sturdy bit it just feels wrong to the touch, but the weight distribution is good and it does not feel "lob sided" either forwards or backwards, in other words the weight all feels central, which is a good thing. The metal slide and barrel do not feel exceptionally weighty (considering the 'metalness') but it does feel good to touch something metal when cocking and when you fire this thing, you realise that the metal components are actually needed.

Firing- this gun is quite ridiculous in the powere department!!!!! the co2 powers this thing to a point which makes it feel dangerous. It pops cans and thin wood etc. no problem. As for the full aut.... it just is silly, but great fun.

So overall this is an excellent fun pistol but there are 2 points of complaint which I fell are worth mentioning. 1. the selector switch should have had the semi auto mode at the top and the full auto in the middle, it just feels weird for the default setting (when not on safety of course) to be on full auto and apart from it being none-realistic I just don't like it and it seems badly thought out. 2. after continual use on full auto my iner barel shot out the outer barrel housing and the hop up bucking vanished. This last point was easliy fixable but the hop no longer works (not that it is needed much). Apparently after some web research this problem is common. So just keep that in mind if you are a serious player, but to be honest there is nothing serious, in my mind about this gun, like the real steel it is big, daft and almost pointless but for me you just have to have a desert eagle in your collection :)
KWC Desert Eagle 50AE CO2 Airsoft Pistol Black
Review by
just awesome there no other words to describe it
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