KWC 1911 .45 Railed CO2 NBB Airsoft Pistol - Full Metal Can Destroyer! - Grey/Black

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    KWCKC40DHN -Blk
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    Nice and simple. No trades on this one but it's running at a maximum of 2.5 Joules (450+++fps) using CO2, excellent!. Fires through drinks cans so fast that it often doesn't move the can at all, the BB's blast right through.

    You cannot skirmish with this as it is far too powerful to shoot another person with. If you did, you'd probably be clubbed to death with the pistol by whoever you shot....BE WARNED!

    Oh, and it's stupidly low priced... :)

    Requires 12g CO2 cartridges - sold separately.

    Regular Price £89.95 Special Price £69.95