Imperial Custom & Precision: Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 Fixed Outer Barrel - Brass

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    ICP TM Capa Brass Fixed Outer Barrel 5.1

    CNC'd out of solid Brass billet, the ICP fixed outer barrel removes almost all of the wobble from the pistol, looks gorgeous and is threaded to take a suppressor adapter! Designed specifically for TM replicas, it will fit most TM compatible brands, including WE and Armorer Works.

    The purpose of a fixed barrel is to cancel out the unnecessary movement when the barrel drops out of battery, which is a necessary part of the design on a REAL semi-auto pistol as you need this to feed and eject the bullet and spent casing efficiently. Airsoft BB's feed DIRECTLY in-line with the breech (the square-ish block) and are much smaller than a real bullet. Your pistol does not need this and greatly benefits from losing all this extra barrel movement. See this great animation HERE for a clear explanation.

    The other thing that you will no doubt notice when you fire the first few shots on your new pistol is the scoring that immediately appears on the top of the breech block. Quite annoying, isn't it? This happens because of the way the barrel is pushed down by the top slide basically 'grinding' along the length of the breech. Not only does this scratch and remove material from the breech, it wears down your slide and slows down the action due to the increased friction. That's why you often see (or hear!) pistols rattling after a year or so's use.

    Very quick and easy to fit. This will add bling, feel much more solid, improve your shot accuracy and add a bit of weight to your Hi-Capa replica airsoft GBB pistol.