Imperial Custom & Precision: DD DMR Kit for Action Army AAP-01 - BLACK

Delivery Estimate

    Pre-Order Arrival Date 15/04/21
    Pre-Order Arrival Date 15/04/21
    *Subject to delays
    ICP AAP-01 DD DMR Kit

    Expected arrival: 15th April 2021

    The Action Army AAP-01 still shoots almost every other pistol into oblivion. So how would you like to easily convert it into a PDW and turn it into something scary?!

    It's a total body conversion, utilising a CNC'd receiver cover (yes, cover as the WHOLE AAP-01 receiver fits inside it!), A real Carbon Fibre mock Suppressor which doubles-up as an extended outer barrel, XM-T01 Stock, Elongated Charging Handle and 3D Printed Rails!

    There's ZERO cast alloy in this kit. All the metalwork is CNC machined from solid aluminium block, resulting in a very strong and solid assembly with no flex whatsoever. This shipment is actually an improvement on the previous version because during rigorous testing, the 3D printed extended charging handle cracked, so Imperial made the decision to completely replace it with a solid CNC aluminium part. We also decided to change the bolt handle finish to silver instead of the black original, just because it looks cooler, especially when you're firing it.

    The looks and feel of this kit are seriously impressive and it's hard to believe that this is just an airsoft kit. You can also quickly remove the 9.5" polymer front hand-guard section for a different 'Star-Warsy' suppressor only look with a quick turn of two hex-screws. The carbon fibre outer barrel also gives you the option of fitting an extended precision inner barrel, up to 300mm, which is VSR standard size. BRILLIANT! Check out the video below to see what it looks like without the hand-guard attached......