ICS L85 A2 Airsoft Rifle AEG

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ICS have long established their line of the L85/SA80 by replicating the process of the real steel gun. This proper stamped steel and welded replica is highly regarded as the best L85 on the Airsoft market. Not only are they built solid as a rock... they have excellent internals to boot.

ICS L85 A2.

There are quite a few L85's out on the market, so what makes the ICS version so special?  Let us give you a quick breakdown:

 - Full stamped steel reciever and parts.
 - Solid ABS grip and handgaurd (like the real thing)!
 - ICS' new adjustable spring-strength re-enforced gearbox.
 - 7mm bearings.
 - Quick release reciever.
 - 1:1 scale.
 - It's a British design.
 - Includes 2 high-capacity magazines.

What more can we say?

Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 330+
Approx Range 60 metres+
Magazine Capacity 370rd
Battery Type Mini
Battery Connector Mini Tamiya
Fire Selector Single Shot / Full Auto
Hop Up Adjustable
Powered By Electric (Battery)
Manufacturer ICS
Weight (Kg) 5.5000
ICS L85 A2 Airsoft Rifle AEG
Review by
Nice replica. good rate of fire with 7.4v lipo. Comes with two hi cap magazines good build quality, but mags a slightly loose- but you can just put a bit of tape around your mags
ICS L85 A2 Airsoft Rifle AEG
best L85a2 aeg
Review by
very good airsoft gun for the l85 splits in to upper and lower parts like the real rifle only way to get more realist would be too own the WE GBBR version which can also be brought from here
get two free full metal hicap mags in box and cleaning rod
only two upgreads would be good too have installed out of the box getting the Prometheus purple hopup rubber and the Prometheus flat hop nub or get the gun R hopped would be another good idea
ICS L85 A2 Airsoft Rifle AEG
Review by
Brought this a couple of months ago and have only just had a chance to try this out.
This AEG is a very nice piece of kit. Easy to set up and maintain, accurate and looks the part with a replica SUSAT.
It's a bit back heavy due to the gearbox location but once its in your shoulder, looking down the iron sights or what ever you plan to have attached to it, aiming it is a breeze.
Would really recommend the ICS L85 to anyone.

As for the service on Airsoft Worlds part.. nothing short of professional great service. Many Thanks
ICS L85 A2 Airsoft Rifle AEG
love it
Review by

+ full steal
+great replica
+takes m4 mags
+weight very similar


-sling loops dig in your arm
-real bolt release dosen't work

-+- please note that if you two tone this, they only spray the
bottom of the handgaurd.

_-_ the two toning service is one spray coat and comes off very easily.
ICS L85 A2 Airsoft Rifle AEG
Just got it!
Review by
I recently bought this gun from my local airsoft retailer. Unfortunately i didn't have time to pick it up and feel it there so I was very excited to unbox it.

When I opened it and picked it up i thought 'jeez this is heavy' but you should get over it in a while. A slings drastically helps. The build quality is amazing and feels amazing in your hands. I think it mostly metal and a bit of ABS.

I choose this over the G&G because of the silly blowback and ICS is just a better build quality in my opinion, its also nice ICS throw in 2 mags, the more the better.

The Bullpup design is great and the gun has a pretty good range from the 300 or so rounds I have put though it. I've just bought a Susat scope from here which is the only scope you would really want to get for it. A lot of people have said only a 8.4v fits in it but I have put a 9.6v in it which gives an amazing rate of fire. You will need to take the hand guard off to fit a battery otherwise its a pain to fit in around the barrel.

I look forward to using it soon and will do an update review on its performance at a skirmish.
ICS L85 A2 Airsoft Rifle AEG
Review by
I had always wanted my own L85 and after much looking around I decided to settle on this ICS example.

It's a beautiful weighty rifle, with no rattling of any kind. Being a bullpup its sits great against your body and shoulders solidly.

The access to the gearbox is SO easy, remove the 2 body pins, split the rifle, unlatch the motor connectors and pull the gearbox out. Simples.
The battery compartment in the forward handgaurd is nice and spacious..... But working around the barrel is a pain in the arse so I find myself popping the handgaurd off (also easy).

BE WARNED, if you want to attach any optics other than a replica SUSAT or ELCAN you're going to have to buy the ICS M1913 tactical replacement rail due to the rifle top rail being a 19mm dovetail type.

My only gripe with this rifle was that mine was over hopping. Even with the hop right of, my .25's were flying up after ~50M. I researched a fix for this and shaved down the nub end of the pivot arm (when you see the hop unit, you'll get what I mean).

Big thanks to airsoftworld for sorting my rifle for me after UPS broke the first one they sent out to me.
Will be back for my G&G T418 soon.
Compatible Batteries
Mini Crane NiMH8.4v 1600mAh Crane£12.99OOS
Mini LiPo 7.4v 1000mAh£11.95
Mini LiPo 7.4v 2200mAh£15.95
Ultra Thin LiPo 7.4v 1300mAh 2Leg£11.95OOS
Mini Crane LiPo 7.4v 2600mAh 2Leg£15.95OOS
NiMH / NICD Battery ChargerVIEW CHARGER£13.95OOS
LiPo / LiFe Battery ChargerVIEW CHARGER£19.95
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