HFC VSR-10 clone RiF Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Black)

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The famous super-reliable Tokyo Marui VSR-10 based sniper rifle. Iron sights, 20rd magazine, speed-loader and 500 0.20g high quality BBs included. Solid Marui VSR-10 compatible performance running at approx 280 fps out of the box. You can fit most VSR after-market upgrade parts to these rifles to improve range & accuracy. You can add a high quality scope, scope rings and rail for a substantial discount against the cost of the individual items! The famous super-reliable VSR-based sniper rifle. Iron sights, 20rd magazine, speed-loader and 500 0.20g high quality BBs included. "Real Shock' style piston included which gives a recoil effect when you pull the trigger. The hop-up adjustment lever has the excellent 'click' mechanism for spot-on fine tuning of the trajectory. Solid stock unlike the hollow version found on most VSR clones, which is very light. These ones are weighted and balanced and therefore have a much better, realistic feel.
Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 280+
Approx Range 60m+
Barrel Length 465mm
Magazine Capacity 20
Fire Selector One Shot Per Cock
Hop Up Adjustable
Powered By Spring (Springer)
Manufacturer HFC
Weight (Kg) 3.2000
Included Extras Starter BB Pellets
HFC VSR-10 clone RiF Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Black)
Nice surprise
Review by
Just a quick update, on pulling this rifle apart to upgrade it, has got a stainless steel bolt tube! That's going to save a few quid, unlike most cheapie snipers which are aluminium and don't last long.
Just gone up in my estimation very good starting point for upgrades.
HFC VSR-10 clone RiF Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Black)
It will do....
Review by
Bought this with upgrading in mind, so the fact it's not as good as higher priced vsr's doesn't matter.
Shoots straight, and I like the iron sights, not as powerful as the Cyma 701 b that I have, but already have the upgrade bits. Stock is awful, but that doesn't matter either.
Magazine fits ok, no probs with feeding, all other mags I have work fine too. Slight problem with cocking action on occasion, doesn't always catch, needs a wiggle when bolt is fully open to here a click, otherwise will double feed.
All in all not bad,....should have bought another Cyma, they're much better in this price range.
I will pull it all apart, do all the upgrades and maybe review again, not worried about warranty, cheap gun cheap price, but quite well made.
HFC VSR-10 clone RiF Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Black)
Seems like a good deal
Review by
Excellent service again from the guys at Airsoft World. This was on the Xmas deal at a snip, so had to purchase one.
On unboxing I thought it felt very cheap and plasticky but everyone has said that these are 100% compatible with the TM VSR parts, so happy days! Will be ordering the upgraded parts and fitting a scope and doing something with the stock and it should make for a cheap but accurate little piece.
HFC VSR-10 clone RiF Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Black)
Great for starters
Review by
Bought this rifle to be an xmas gift for a friend who is a registered skirmisher too. either way.

Having owned many a Tokyo Marui and working on, and with them for a number of years. I was unsure of what to expect. regardless

It comes in a plain brown box, and has a plastic moulded shell that sits inside the box to hold the rifle, bbs, and speed loader.

On taking the rifle out I noticed the stock was two moulded half's and the seams we're very visible.
The stock feels very cheap and plastic-iey, but has a nice weight and seems solid enough. you WILL notice the seams when holding the rifle.

The metal parts, are all of good quality. and I believe the end of the barrel to unscrew to allow for a suppressor adaptor, I am not sure though.

The rear site removes and allows you to attach a 20mm rail (sold separate not included)

*-*-*Now what I've done has voided any warranty and I recommend you do not do this. I'm simply putting this here to help people better understand the rifle in hand.*-*-*

On taking the rifle apart I noted that every thing bar the stock it self, seems to be of good quality. (barrel, cylinder, trigger unit ETC)
The trigger unit it self is adjustable. (this means you make make the trigger pull as long or as short as you like.)

The cylinder head IS NOT, pinned or clamped to the cylinder, like found of the Maruis,
But instead comes with a removable cylinder head with pin slots, for ease of access. (still tough to unscrew for the first time, but no drilling or modding needed.)

The piston is self is fitted with two weights, these can be removed if you do not wish for the "real shock system" . this is some thing I prefer.

It also allows you to put a higher power spring in, off the mark, but I WOULD NOT recommend this as you will void any warranty, and the other parts would not be up to the standard required to take the strain,.

Now I can say that nearly all of the after market parts available will fit into this rifle. so it makes for a nice platform to built on if you want to take a more serious approach to sniping.

I would recommend turning the hop off completely, and cleaning the inner barrel first.
mine had a lot of grease down it.

(tip for you young guns out there, that bother to read this deserve a little help)

Sniping with high powered rifles can be tedious and takes time, it doe's not work the same was as call of duty, and just by havering a high powered rifle does that make you a better player.

So I recommend taking this rifle in its standard state out.
This way you have no limits, and you can get a feel for what its like to basically have one shot. and know you have to make it count

Once you have a feel, progress further, but don't dive right into the deep end, and get a 450+ fps rifle and uber scope, to find out you don't like it.

Get this first, its perfect for starters. and will really give you an incite to what it is to be an airsoft sniper.

HFC VSR-10 clone RiF Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Black)
Good starter sniper.
Review by
After wanting a sniper that had a power level which would allow me to engage targets at closer ranges as well as longer ranges, I opted for this sniper. After using it on the first skirmish and it failing due to my failure to maintain it and something dissolving my hop up rubber, I took it to airsoft world, where the hop up rubber was replaced and the compression issue fixed. The customer service was great and they were very helpful and informative to help me maintain the rifle properly. Cannot recommend this retailer enough and if needing a scope, mounts and rail, the scope package is ideal.
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