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P90 RIS Front end

RIS Front end for P90


Please Note may NOT fir Classic Army P90s

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Can anyone say Nitro!?

Bolt on metal from end for P90s which gives you mucho RIS loveliness.

Perfect for those determined to build aFrankenstein UberGun out of the delicate ickle Belgian baby!

Customer Reviews

P90 RIS Front end
pro's and con'sReview by
I have had this for a number of years now, proving it holds up nicely.
the only issues I've had:
firstly when fitting it, it doesn't like Echo1 metal receivers, with some jiggery pokery it is on and pretty secure but the mounting screws do not fit in on the sides.

after being a tit and mounting an under barrel launcher the lower RIS rail has come off, the thread has ripped out the soft metal, not a problem you can use small bolts with nuts on the other side.

overall this is a nice piece of kit. head turner. But don't leave it naked .. put something on it or why are you buying it? Also it looks like your neighbours cut price house extension if you don't put a meaty suppressor in there.
P90 RIS Front end
future warfare,sonReview by
This will fit the classic army (CA90TR-PROLINE)
made of full metal and also a nice snug fit.
A bit to fiddly with the grub screws..
p90 fans buy this it makes your gun look unique (^_^)..
P90 RIS Front end
Very Well Priced, Fantastic Value, Very well made, Looks Fantastic.Review by
The ACM, p90 ris front end is a fantastic peice of kit at a much better price then its laylax/nitro counter-part, this is made of all metal and is very sturdy and very good value and well priced, and i dont really ever see it breaking on me its just so well made.
so if your looking for a way to tacticool up your p90, just want a few more rails, or like me decided to get this, the acm boxmag, a huge 40cm silencer
and a whopping 540mm tb and full tune up kit then you have your self systema killer :).

+ 1 as always to airsoft worlds fantastic customer support and postage, arived next day!.

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