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Knights Style Vertical Grip - Black

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One of the most basic and enduring RIS vertical grips, this slides onto the rail and is secured by screwing the bottom of the grip up. Simple!

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A perfect addition for the bottom RIS rail of your airsoft gun. The Knights grip has been the standard issue for US Troops M4's and M16's for years. Now available in black, olive drab and flat dark earth. Not only does it look cool slung under your rifle, it's also very affordable!

Customer Reviews

Knights Style Vertical Grip - Black
Simple and solidReview by
Great simple grip, built very solid and won't fall apart easily. Attatched on to the gun securely. Looks great on an M4A1.
Knights Style Vertical Grip - Black
Used on my VFC HK417 DMR - Works a TreatReview by
Used this to add to my HK417 DMR which also has a Bipod attachment. It is a lot stronger than it looks; was attached to the underlying rail and when I tried it appeared I could hold a full-metal DMR (which weighs around 5-6kg) from the vertical grip. Only minor detail is it looked a bit scratched upon arrival but nothing too obvious.
Knights Style Vertical Grip - Black
Simple practical, excellent.Review by
I got this to fit on to my King Arms M4 RIS Ultragrade. It went on the rails easily, feels solid and strong. I don't mind that it's plastic, but something with a wee bit more texture would be excellent. I'm going to a CQB skirmish on Sunday so I might rub it up with some sandpaper on it to make it a bit more textured.
Knights Style Vertical Grip - Black
Simple & PracticalReview by
I have one on my SR-16 and it greatly improved my aim, well that is what they are made for. Since my rifle is all metal it pretty heavy and uncomfortable on the RIS, having one of these attach greatly made my life easier. reducing sway, easier to hold up the front end and feeling very comfortable.

Now the first thing that came into mind when I had seen it was this won't last long on my rifle, i thought it was going to snap. But like the comment below I have picked up my rifle just by the foregrip (by accident) and it didn't break and was no movement at all.

Installing is very easy, just make sure you have a under barrel 20mm weaver rail (unless you attach it to the side like a sten, which would be interesting), then slide on, fasten screw into a gap until tight and then your done.

These look very cool but yet very useful, as I mentioned before I have this on a SR-16, but it can look good on any gun, I had it on a Famas and it gave it a very tactical look. My only downside is the holes at the top on both sides make it look cheap, but once again these are practcal so you can see if your fastening it in a slot.
Knights Style Vertical Grip - Black
Very good value + functionalityReview by
I didn't personally purchase this from AW (sorry!) as it was out of stock at the time, however have field tested it as per say and have had nothing but good experience with it.

Starting with the feel of it.
Being a smooth grip, there is no "groves" for your fingers not to line up with, and personally i find it very comfortable to hold for extended period of time.
I have no idea about plastics, and the only thing I have to go by is the nylon re-enforced body of my G36, and comparing it to that.. well, its just as solid ! I have held it by the handle itself (I don't recommend this..) and waved my weapon about and no movement, nothing, solid as an outhouse this is !
I have no doubt you could afix it to the front of your weapon pointing forward and poke someone in their "squishy bit in the center" and they would come off worse...

Attachment is quick and easy. Unscrew bottom nut, slide onto rail where you want it to be, tighten until its just feeling difficult to move, then make sure its in a "dent" in your RIS rail. Fully tighten and away you go !

As intended, a fore-grip makes the "bang" end of your weapon more point-able at those you wish to inflict pain on (with their consent of course). I find it easier and faster to track targets due to this. I find it makes hand movement to and from the magazine well faster.
*WARNING* fore-grips are not everyone's cup of tea ! I knew I preferred them after trying one before i purchased this, however some people prefer the horizontal hold, to the vertical. If your not sure, ask someone at your airsoft site, don't worry we don't bite ! (not all of us..)

The only minor niggle i had was some post manufacturer seam lines floating around, however this was quickly fixed by a craft knife and some sandpaper. (To be honest though, what do you expect for such a cheap price?)

Contrary to popular belief you don't have to get a hi-tec grip to use a taclight switch.. Works just as well with it mounted finger side, plus duct tape and is just as comfy. Maybe an idea for those on a budget.
Don't get technical and try to "bore" your own recess as this grip is hollow..

If you need one (maybe even if not) and like vertical grips, get one ! Adds functionality and "cool factor" in spades !
Knights Style Vertical Grip - Black
BrilliantReview by
Incredibly useful if you detest the feel of a RIS rail (and have no covers), if you play alot of CQB and like the hand positioning from a front grip.

It works by twisting the bottom, it pushed a little plastic nib up, it slides into the rail and can firmly be secured.

Yet to fully try it. but the build quality is simply excellent, it fits my average hand perfectly and looks the part.

Thanks airsoft world.

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