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G&G Armament

G&G UMG Airsoft SMG

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Earn 229 Target Points

The perfect gun for Police & SWAT load outs, or a 'Casino Royale' loadout perhaps?

Quite simply put; The UMG is without a doubt one of the best airsoft guns manufactured by G&G. Reliable as a Russian brick and very reasonably priced.

The first airsoft version of the UMP and still the best - this is the one the Chinese cloned, even if they did get the hop slightly wrong! Incredibly well built and as solid as any airsoft gun out there, in fact it's not far off the same material as the real gun. The G&G UMG has all the rails supplied, so you can get bolting goodies on as soon as you get it! Features a working bolt release catch & 'realistic' field stripping - in practice, it's easy to take apart! Requires an AK Stick style battery, available separately.
Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 330+
Barrel Length 205mm
Magazine Capacity 530 Rounds
Battery Type Mini Stick
Battery Connector Mini Tamiya
Shooting Mode Semi / Fully Automatic
Hop Up Adjustable
Gun Type Electric
Gearbox Style Version III
Manufacturer G&G Armament
Weight (Kg) 5.0000
Additional Information Batteries and Charger NOT included
G&G UMG Airsoft SMG
Review by
This is my first gun bought it on Thursday in the Halloween sale it was about £195 I actually wanted the p90 but was't in the sale :( but I think I got a better gun :) but I could only afford 1 mag :(
G&G UMG Airsoft SMG
really good :D
Review by

5 stars out of 5 !!

really good gun defiantly recommend buying it

in my opinion it should be £210 no £230
G&G UMG Airsoft SMG
Review by
This is my first RIF, and what a gun it is.

Range is outstanding, almost unbelievable, feels solid, has more rail space than any one human being should want and 530rd mag to boot. Cant ask much more for £230.


G&G UMG Airsoft SMG
Review by
this is an extremely good gun it is outranging all the other AEGs i have seen anf is rather lightweight.
G&G UMG Airsoft SMG
Truly underrated
Review by
I would like to start off by pointing out this is my first AEG, so I haven't had much experience apart from using a mate's HK416.

The gun is fairly priced for what you get. I payed 20 quid for the two tone paint job as I have yet to be a member of UKARA. I will get on to that in a bit though.

The gun comes securely packaged as you would expect from airsoft world and G&G. It comes with 1 unjamming rod, 1 530 round hi cap, over double the mp5's hi cap capacity, a fairly good guide and the gun. IT DOES NOT COME WITH BATTERY PACK/CHARGER! I cannot emphasize enough, you need to have or buy your own charger and pack. I'm sure most people saw this above but it is good to be sure.

The gun's battery compartment can hold the 8.4v 1500mah stick type but with the stock folded you will need something to stop the trap door from opening. The stock folds well and keeps the trap door closed. The trap door clip is not strong enough to hold the battery and all its wires by itself, which is really my only qualm with this gun.

I got 2 more hi caps and 2 stick type battery packs with the gun and I think I am set. Although I tend to avoid them, I should also mention that the ump mags need custom MOLLE pouches to fit them. They are sometimes sold as p90 pouches.

The guns fps is so consistent you could mistake the internals for a LHC onboard time released mechanism, though opening the gun up is easily done by punching out some screws, so you can get the gun how you want it.

The two tone paint job is utterly outstanding. It avoids all key areas for repainting when you can - this is the point in the review where I give the middle finger to the VCR act that lets me on a .22 but not an RIF! I have worn away some of the paint at the bolt and the battery compartment but that is to be expected.

There are easy to attach mount rails that come with crews and a compatible alan key/wrench. The iron sights are nice and are fully adjustable, although unlike me you might want to invest in a red dot sight/holo sight.

The barrel length is the same length as the mp5's, but the gun feels and looks a lot nicer in my opinion. There is a top rail for optics and a bottom rail near the front for attaching grips (m203 shortys might not fit, but who wants them on an SMG anyway?)

All in all I would say the gun is flawless except for the battery compartment size being a teeny weeny bit to small. Perhaps are smaller capacity battery is in order?

p.s. Sling mounts are really nice.
G&G UMG Airsoft SMG
Review by
this is my new holy grail!!!!
ive had this gun just days but its just full of quality the hop is great the mags are great and the ris rails well they are all FULL METAL!!! very sturdy,great to hold has realistic markings like the cal. and mag cap, the only downside is the charging handle isnt rubberised but thats nitpicking...
overall fantastic gun i would place it near the systema range of guns although maybe the odd upgrade.
fps is around 300 so will be putting diff spring in and bushings but the silencer is actually quite good. overall G&G have done it again!
thankyou airsoft world :)
(just a note in two tone it looks flawless best paintjob ever seen by me!)
G&G UMG Airsoft SMG
Awesome SMG. my NEW favourite gun.
Review by
OK so i ordered this from the guys here and, as usual, it arrived the next day, well packaged, much to my delight.

Before you even get to the gun the BOX it comes in SCREAMS quality. The sturdyness of the box itself and the sheer size and quality of the polystyrene inner packaging that holds the gun and associated peripherals secure is fantastic.

Right now down to the gun itself.


This thing is fantastic. The weight and balance of the gun is almost perfect. The stock folds with a good solid action and VERY positive lock in wither position. The plastic body feels EXACTLY liek the real thing, reassuringly solid. You get a full compliment od 20mm rails to attach ALL you could require in the was of accessories. Fire selection is positive, the grip in ergonomic. The working bolt catch is a niuce touch and makes it nice and easy to adjust the hop unit of the gun.

I could keep typing ALL night about this gun but it just basically comes doen to this:-

IF you want a CQB gun that can also hold it's own in a woodland environment AND want somehitng a little different to MP5's and small AK's then THIS IS seriously worth your consideration AND with a 530 rnd hicap as standard you don;t even need spare mags!!!
Compatible Batteries
Mini Stick NiMH8.4v 1600mAh Stick£12.99
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