My gun has stopped firing! (AEG Only)

“My gun has stopped firing.” Now while this sounds to some like a meaningful statement, in honesty it tells us little unfortunately.
However where AEGs are concerned the first thing to check is the fuse (and the mot common call type I get enquiries about). Now while this little piece of kit is simple in construction it’s not really that useful in an AEG. The whole idea is that the fuse is a piece of wire that, when a current is passed through it greater than the wire can handle, it burns out. Simple. Well not really.
Most AEGs use an inline glass fuse so you can see the fuse wire inside. So it should be a case of simply opening the fuse holder and looking at the fuse wire to see if it has indeed burnt out. Wrong I’m afraid. While in theory the fuse wire will burn out in the centre, a number of fuses are failing at the end caps. Whether this is because they are cheaply made and the solder hasn’t taken or in fact it’s a press fit and the contact has been broken, the simply fact is a visual inspection just isn’t enough.
To check a glass inline fuse correctly, either use a multi-meter or more conveniently, remove the fuse and directly connect the two fuse holder clips, clip them together and now try your AEG. If it fires, replace the fuse and you’re all done! If not, then it’s something more and may require the tender touch of your local airsoft technician to diagnose and repair.
So you have a game on tomorrow and the fuse has gone but after testing the gun fires fine. Your nearest airsoft retailer is an hour away and it’s 7PM at night. What do you do? Well don’t despair as the fuses are actually car fuses of around 25-30AMP so simply pop into your local garage shop and pick up a replacement for continued skirmishing joy. These are slow blow fuses so they allow a little more current drain before they go to allow for the motor to draw the current it needs to get up to speed.

Last Updated: 21 Oct 2010 03:46:07