●These product are suggested for users 18 years or older.
●Wear face protection while shooting.
●Misuse may cause injury or death.
●Never point at humans and animals with the airsoft guns.
●Read the whole manual before using.
●Buyers and users should obey the laws and rules of the local authority.

When shooting the air guns for target practice or in a game situation, you and all participants must wear safety goggles or other eye protective gear. Also, pay attention to ricochets. It is very important to pay attention to third parties other than the participants.

Always attach the safety cap to the muzzle, remove the battery and store the air gun in a case or bag and at a place that is out of reach by children.

Never direct the muzzle towards a person, animals or in any direction that may cause harm or damage to the third party.

ooking into the muzzle is extremely dangerous regardless of BBs having been loaded or not. If you get hit in the eye by a BB pellet, you may in worst case, lose your eye sight.

Disassembling or modifying the gun may adversely affect the performance and make it dangerous.

Last Updated: 21 Oct 2010 04:10:01