Ex MOD Steel Ammo Box

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    The most popular size of ammo box bar none. Ideally suited for a multitude of uses and made from low carbon anti-rust steel (not stainless steel as one or two other web sites falsely claim).

    The ammo box has a flat folding steel handle for stacking multiple boxes as well as a side wire handle to the front, under the cantilever closure system. They are obviously very strong and rugged with a gross (filled with ammo) weight of around 16Kg. The lid has a rubber inner seal which makes them water and dustproof, a necessity for long term storage of ammunition and other explosives! You can also quickly remove the lid completely by sliding it to the right and disengaging the quick-release hinge system - genius!

    The possible uses for these boxes is quite limitless, as long as you can fit it inside, it's good to go :) We sell them to airsoft, paintball, hunting, fishing, hobbyists, tool boxes and are awaesome for storing your pyro and BB's. They are considered the proper and safe way to transport smoke grenades and flashbangs used in airsoft/paintball.

    As per current revised MOD ruling, the 1.4S orange explosive sticker is overpainted (we asked them why and didn't get a decent answer) and some other text on the box may also be painted over on one side. It's easily removed with thinners or just a heat gun if it bothers you. We did a few with a light brushing of Nitromors paint remover but it's the expensive version of what is basically Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) in a gel, which is a couple of quid for a kilo.

    L230mm x W155mm x H183mm