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EoTech 551 replica

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High quality replica of the Eotech 552


Uses 4x LR44 batteries

Steve travelled to the deeepest depths of China to visit this company - it was worth the trip!

A very high quality first generation replica, easily on par with the Hurricane offering of the AAA powered Eotech

Very well defined  green & red reticle with variable brightness, this is quite different to some of the much cheaper offerings out there.

Solid construction with windage and elevation adjustment.

Weight (Kg) 1.0100
EoTech 551 replica
Review by
Looks great and works well, got a lens protector for it as I already broke one already!
EoTech 551 replica
Great stuff
Review by
Ok so first,

The Cons:
1. No instruction manual provided.
2. No spare battery's (these things are hard to find!)
3. No optional screen protector as the Hurricane one does NOT fit unless you gently file down the top clip.
4. Visible ghosting in low light, too much ghosting at the higher brightness settings.

Now thats that, lets move onto the Pro's of the unit.

1. Small compact size - looks great on my MP5!
2. Multiple levels of easy adjustable brightness.
3. Slides right onto any 20mm RIS/RAS/Weaver rail with great ease.
4. No movement or wobble when mounted.
5. A nice thick metal outer shield to protect the unit from side hits.
6. Great quality clone for the price.
7. Zeroing the unit took me less than 3 minutes with a few easy adjustments using a flathead screwdriver.

Overall this is a great Eotech 551 replica that i'm glad i purchased because my Multi-reticule red dot sight by ACM had way too much ghosting and was unusable with my safety glasses.

10/10, if you are a fan of Eotech sights in video games and like the look of them compared to flimsy little red dot sights, seriously invest in this baby. The reticule gets bigger the further you move away from the unit, and it gets smaller the closer you get. So you can find the perfect distance for eye-relief.
EoTech 551 replica
Lovely Jubbly
Review by
I have one of these mounted on an JG AUG A3 Tactical which I've painted with a leaf camo style. The sight is crisp, clear, doesn't steam up, and looks really nice on the rifle. Red and green, both look clear and well defined, and the reticles are easy to make out without being too bright. 7 levels of brightness for both colours too. The outer casing is a metal shield, which absorbs any knocks without damaging the inner workings. Mine has been knocked off trees, fences, barrels, and sustained no damage at all.

Takes 4 of the smaller button batteries, which aren't cheap but the sight turns itself off after 5 minutes or so of inactivity, meaning you won't wear them out unnecessarily, or if you forget to turn it off when up pack up for the day. The screw fitting is solid and steady, and there is absolutely no shaking or wobbling. My AUG wouldn't be the same without it. £70 is a really good price for something that feels as good quality as this bit of kit.
EoTech 551 replica
Fantastic EoTech replica
Review by
Review of the EoTech 551 Replica.

Got this for my G&G M4 Carbine that I recently reviewed here.

The first thing that attracts you to this is the fact it's an EoTech Replica. EoTechs are probably the best Red Dot's going but getting a good replica is paramount. Fortunately this delivers, and then some.
Another thing is the cost, it's way below that of the more expensive replica's like the Hurricane. Airsoft World also swear that it's as good, if not better than the Hurricane. Personally I haven't seen/tried the latter, but in my opinion it would have to be pretty special in comparison to warrant the extra money.

The build quality is superb, and it looks the part. Extremely durable and solid metal casing. Give it a quick tap with your fingers and it feels like a quality item, that satisfying dull thud you get from tapping a metal receiver. It also brandishes the "For Law Enforcement/Military Use" in block white writing on the left hand side.

The targeting reticule is brilliant, easily visible and able to switch between red and green for different lighting conditions. The green is way brighter than the red, and the brightness is adjustable through the two face buttons.
One thing about the reticule I must point out is the resolution. It's just so crisp and clear, very pleased about that. From the front, the red dot is visible. So using the thing on a night/evening shoot would be plain suicide, if you were trying to go stealth, but that's just nitpicking.

The sight also turns itself off if it remains stationary for a certain amount of time. That'll help stop the battery's being run dry by accident! I'm not sure of the expected lifetime from the small battery's that are in it. Having only owned it for a few weeks I haven't been able to get accurate figures on how long the batteries last. Suffice to say, they're still going strong after several weeks.

Mounting it was a piece of cake, you just loosen one screw on the left side, clip it on and tighten back up. Zeroing it in was also very easy, flathead screwdriver needed but a few quick tweaks and it was pointing accurately. It sits on the gun well, not crooked or offset in any way and there's no movement or wobble from the sight mountings.

In conclusion this is highly recommended by me. If you're after an EoTech replica, give this some serious consideration.
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