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D-Boys P90 60rd lo-cap

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A replacement or addition to the standard 'fake bullet' mag that comes with the Tokyo Marui and clone P90 AEG. Please Note - these do NOT fit the Well DH90 which is a cheap not-to-scale model. A replacement or addition to the standard 'fake bullet' mag that comes with the Tokyo Marui and clone P90 AEG.
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Manufacturer D-Boys
D-Boys P90 60rd lo-cap
Cheap and cheerful
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I brought a couple of these for my King arms p90 as I was sick of the hicap it came with not feeding properly. After scouring the internet for mid caps and low caps there were very few choices. I decided to try out these because they were only £10 a pop. Placed my order on the weekend, they were packaged and sent out on Monday. Arrived Tuesday, great delivery service.

Eagerly opened up the package, I was going to a cqb site the following Friday and wanted to test the mags before I packed them up with my gear. Nightmare, neither of the mags fitted into the gun, the mag release would not lock over them to hold them in place after putting them in as i would the stock magazine. Immediately contacted airsoftworld through their live chat, Duncan was the one to respond. After explaining the situation he offered a refund, obviously I would have to return them for that. While I was messing with one of the mags I managed to get the release to lock by pushing it forwards while holding the mag down. Tried that with the second mag and it did not work.

Duncan opened up another mag at his end and tried it in a king arms p90 and it fit perfectly. So something had to be a miss, out came the tape measure and i found that there was one difference in the area that the mag catch goes from the standard mag to the dboys ones. It varied from the one that i could push the mag release forwards over and the one i could not. Both were different to the stock king arms high cap. So i decided instead of causing a fuss over 10 quid ( since i could make one of the mags work with alittle effort) I would attempt to DIY my way to victory. With a scraper I began to remove some of the plastic from where I believed the mag catch was getting stuck.

After a few passes the problem magazine became the same as the one that sort of worked, after pushing the mag catch forwards it would lock. So I continued working at the lip, scraping away small amounts of the plastic and testing it. After a minute or two the magazine fit into the gun flawlessly, then I did the same to the first magazine (that sort of worked with effort) and that one fitted perfectly as well.

After all that I filled up both mags and went to fire them off, both fed just fine, but it will take a few attempts to get them both up to 60 rounds as i need to condense the spring though that is fine by me.

All in all I will say for the price it is a good deal considering how hard it is to find p90 magazines, I may have just been unlucky and got some of the magazines that passed through quality control unnoticed. The fix is exceedingly easy so I would not be put off by my experience if you are looking at these magazines.
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