CYMA CM513 / CM.513 RIS Suppressed M4 Two-Tone Airsoft Rifle

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    A great budget gun from CYMA. Not only good for back garden plinking, but it will work fine on a game site too!

    You have plenty options for laser/torch accessory add-ons using the 4-way 20mm RIS rails on the front hand-guard, as well as full-length along the top of the rifle for any type of scope or iron sights that you wish to use.

    Price has been kept down by the use of ABS/Polymer for most external parts, however the gearbox (normal M4 type V2) is full metal meaning it will take the power, can be worked on and tinkered with! Don't let the polymer body put you off because many much more expensive high-end airsoft guns are made of exactly the same stuff. Why? Because it's easier and cheaper to make into complicated shapes and it's stronger than most alloys that airsoft guns are manufactured from.

    Supplied with a 'free' battery and charger which we recommend you replace with good quality ones as soon as is practical for you. We do not guarantee the pair supplied.

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    Regular Price £99.95 Special Price £89.95