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CYMA 1911A1 AEP (CM123) Electric Airsoft Pistol

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Super-reliable 220fps full-size electric (non-blowback) pistol. You all know by now that the only way forward where pistols are concerned is electricity, right? Oh alright - some of you still dig gas, but for those who want something eminently skirmish-able here is a copy of the Colt 1911A1 sidearm. Fires at 220fps in semi and full auto with a range of about 50m!! The charger is a two pin EU version, so if you are in the UK, you will need one of those cheapo adaptors :) No trade marks, but a 450mah NiMh battery, 240v charger, speed loader,small pack of BB's and one magazine. And the gun of course... You would be hard put to tell this apart from its more expensive cousin and there is nothing between them as far as performance is concerned. It will accept TM batteries and magazines without modification. Please note - using the supplied charger you should charge the battery for NO MORE than two and a half hours, less if it is not completely flat. Set the timer or alarm on your phone :) The charger is a two pin EU version, so if you are in the UK, you will need one of those cheapo adaptors :)

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a 1:1 replica and is 'fatter' than a standard 1911

Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 220+
Approx Range 50m
Magazine Capacity 30rd
Battery Type AEP Specific
Shooting Mode Semi / Fully Automatic
Hop Up Adjustable
Gun Type Electric
Gearbox Style AEP
Manufacturer CYMA
Weight (Kg) 1.1000
Included Extras Battery, Charger, Starter BB Pellets
CYMA 1911A1 AEP (CM123) Electric Airsoft Pistol
Nice gun but trigger kinda scrapes.
Review by
It's a very fun gun. We bought 2 of these for backyard play and realized quite quickly that they would be good for skirmishes too. They have great range and accuracy and are pretty comfortable in hand, (even though they're like twice as wide as a real 1911 and it won't fit in a holster) I did have one small issue though. The trigger scrapes a little while you shoot in semi auto and if you double-tap it it will only shoot once. Good two toning and will definately be buying from airsoft world again. Anyway, great gun and i'm gonna get some extended mags for it. WOULD RECCOMEND
CYMA 1911A1 AEP (CM123) Electric Airsoft Pistol
Not sure about this
Review by
Strangely enough I do quite like this pistol, extremely reliable, but no noise, no blowback, and giant size, quite accurate, and full auto ( that's fun!) the mag release is annoying, and doesn't fit any of my holsters, the battery lasts for ages, works in the cold.
But ......still not sure about it! It's got faults.....but nothing terrible!
CYMA 1911A1 AEP (CM123) Electric Airsoft Pistol
Great Fun!
Review by
The first thing I should mention is that this pistol is huge! I would guess that the width is about 1.5 times that of a standard 1911, but despite this, it is fairly comfortable to hold ( I have small hands so it should be comfortable for most people) and despite the vast majority of the frame being plastic (Excluding the slide and the base of the mag well) it is still a fair weight in the hand.

The next thing worth talking about is the trigger, which, whilst quite large (Good for wearing gloves) is fairly horrible; The distance you pull to make it fire is massive and it spends the entire distance squeaking and grating and because it is supported by two separate springs at the top and bottom it doesn't return to its original position smoothly and catches often.

My final gripe is that the magazine release protrudes about half a centimetre and is so sensitive that the mag falls out if you even look at it funny. As a result of this, if you plan on taking this gun skirmishing, you are going to have mags constantly falling out and getting lost. I have painted my mag bright orange and taken to keeping it in pocket until it is needed. I should stress though that the mag retention is excellent and even deliberately shaking the gun will not make the mag fall out (until a gust of wind makes the mag release do its thing).

Despite all my whinging, this is still a good gun and you can have a lot of fun with it both in skirmishes and for plinking. There is just something incredibly satisfying about spraying at things on full auto from a pistol that I don't think anybody can resist.

And finally great service from Airsoft World as per usual, Thanks Guys!
CYMA 1911A1 AEP (CM123) Electric Airsoft Pistol
Very pleased.
Review by
Really pleased with this purchase. My first airsoft pistol, but won't be my last!! Took me about 2 hours to figure out how to get the battery back out, which was embarrassing. All in all, excellent quality and very pleased with the two-tone.
CYMA 1911A1 AEP (CM123) Electric Airsoft Pistol
Very good
Review by
Very nice. Good mag cap and even tho fatter its still nice to hold. Only downside is the mag release is way to big but a little filing down goes a long way. All in all I think AEPs are the way forward
Compatible Batteries
Pistol AEP G18/M81G18/M81£10.95
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